5 ways to make your skin not awful this winter

Man winter coat

If you listen to all the beauty bloggers and skin professionals out there, there’s one thing they’re all unanimous on – winter is hard on your skin. The cool dehydrates, the sun then frazzles and the iciness zaps of life. But the good news is, the silver lining comes in the form of some clever practise and good products, many from the likes of the Body Shop.

In five steps you can take your skin from looking super not chill, to super chill. And here’s how…

First base, the face:

  • Hot showers during the cooler climate are certainly soothing for soul, but not necessarily for your skin.
  • Steam and heat from the shower can strip the natural oils from the skin, leaving it dehydrated and open to inflammation and irritations
  • No matter how much you don’t want to do it and feel that you don’t need to do it- we have skin and it needs to be hydrated, especially during the winter months
  • The best and easiest time to moisturise?  A few minutes after your shower, to trap the residual moisture.  Make your moisturiser work more effectively for you, so pat dry….and apply
  • We recommend Hemp Face Protector (RRP $20, 50ml)

Body Shop hemp moisturiser

It’s all in the eyes:

  • Another area that is more than often forgotten but needs more attention as the temperature drops is your eyes
  • The cold and dry winds of Winter can also wither the delicate skin around the eyes.
  • It’s important to keep this area hydrated to avoid chapping and to help keep your peepers looking fresh and healthy
  • Try our Drops of Youth™ Eye Concentrate (RRP $39, 10ml) – the cooling rollerball applicator makes it super easy to use and instantly smoothes out areas of fatigue and puffiness

Body Shop eye roller

Your lips:

  • The combination of minimal humidity in the air, as well as lips having no oil glands to produce sebum can leave you battling dry lips during the chill.
  • Keep up your water intake during this time, try not to crank the heater up too high and introduce foods that are high in omega-3s to help bolster your skin’s moisture and barrier
  • Always keep one of these handy to combat chapped lips- Hemp Lip Protector (RRP $11, 4.2g)

Body Shop hemp lip balm

You and UV:

  • Despite the sun holidaying somewhere else when the temperature dips, SPF being in your regimen all year to protect against UVA and UVB rays is a must
  •  Even on the cool and cloudy days, the UVA rays are still present, leaving us susceptible to sun damage
  • So, to make sure that you stay protected all year round, make sure to incorporate a sunscreen in your daily skin routine
  • Our Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion SPF 15 (RRP $28, 50ml) is a light daily moisturiser, perfect for all skin types that offers that extra protection

Tame your mane:

  • Yes, the cold air also equals dry facial hair
  • For our friends with facial hair, face moisturisers can sometimes be a bit difficult to manoeuvre, so here’s where an oil would substitute perfectly
  • The format of a facial oil can moisturise facial hair, absorb and deliver nutrients to the skin underneath and also groom the hairs leaving your skin soft and healthy and help to strengthen facial hair.
  • A few drops of our Oils of Life™ Facial Oil (RRP $55, 30ml) effortlessly melts into the beard and skin- leaving it feeling velvety-soft and intensely revitalised

Body Shop oil