All The Fun Of The Airport – Making Your Travel A Part Of Your Holiday


They say it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. And when it comes to airports, that’s certainly the case. Airports are no longer just about getting your plane – they’re now an incredible part of your holiday.

From luxury spas to incredible shopping, there’s so much to do at the airport that you might not even get on the plane! How can you make your airport journey worthwhile? Let’s examine some of the world’s best airport features ready for you to add to your travel bucket list.

Luxury shopping at Heathrow Airport, UK

Heathrow Airport was the obvious choice for the Best Airport Shopping Award at the Skytrax Airport Awards, with voters crowning it the winner in a ‘landslide victory’. So what makes shopping at Heathrow so great? Well, not only is there plenty of variety at Heathrow, but it’s all so accessible – you can even hire a personal shopper to assist you! From top designer names like Gucci, Cartier and Chanel to more familiar (and affordable) brands like Jack Wills and Kate Spade – there are some great choices for fashion lovers. Know what you want? You can even order in advance and collect on arrival – now that’s what you call service!

Concierge services at Changi Airport, Singapore

As one of the world’s largest airports, there’s no harm in getting a bit of help around Changi Airport in Singapore. The concierge service is one of the most luxe you’ll find, with golf buggy transit escorting you from arrival to departures for a reasonable fee. A word of warning, you can soon get used to travelling in style! And if that is the case, you can always look at Gold Coast golf carts when you get home to travel around your property in style! Save your feet the journey and get chauffeured around before you set off for your destination.

Changi Airport is a great reason to visit Singapore, and you’ll find seven other reasons to visit the country here.

Feel refreshed at Hong Kong International Airport, China

For beautiful window views and serene surroundings, you have to experience Terminal 1 at Hong Kong International Airport. The airport offers visitors a number of experiences, and if you’re a first-class customer at Cathay Pacific, you’ll be able to take advantage of the incredible sleeping pods they have available, as well as wonderful bath and shower facilities. The airport offers affordable lounge access to help you feel relaxed before your flight, with comfortable lounge beds and even massages on offer. Not only that, but HKIA also offers a wide range of entertainment options for passengers, including golfing facilities over at Terminal 2. Is it possible just to holiday at an airport?

Keep up your fitness routine at Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar

If you’re a frequent jet-setter, you’ll know how difficult it can be to keep up your fitness routine while travelling. So what better way to kill time at the airport than with a gym session? Hamad International features a state of the art gym, a 25m swimming pool and even hydrotherapy tubs to relax in afterwards. It’s an affordable alternative to drinking at the airport bar and will help you feel energised ready for your flight. When you’re finished with your session, you can always relax and take a stroll to admire some of the amazing artwork that’s made its home at Hamad.

Your one-stop shop at Incheon Airport, Seoul, South Korea

Airports are starting to become like little cities, featuring everything you could possibly need before you travel. You could turn up with an empty suitcase if necessary and leave fully equipped at Incheon Airport in Seoul. The airport has everything from dry cleaning, a ‘cultural experience centre’ where you can craft traditional goods, various gardens and even a Museum of Korean Culture – perfect for a stopover if you’ve got limited time in the country. There’s even an ice rink in case you wanted to take a spin! A popular airport offering plenty of things to do and some amazing shopping too, you’ll easily pass the time until boarding at Incheon.

Relax in style at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at John F. Kennedy Airport, New York, US

Airport lounges don’t have the best reputation in the US, making the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse arguably one of the best. The ideal place to relax in stylish surroundings

pre-flight, you’ll be able to enjoy free cocktails, various games and some great dining in the brasserie. There’s even a spa offering some tempting treatments, including hair treatments and your typical facials, massages, etc.

Enjoying stress-free travel before you fly

Flying can be one of the most stressful types of travel. From making sure you have all your documents to dealing with security and hoards of other passengers, you’ll want to make sure you’re well-prepared to enjoy the most stress-free experience possible. Some tips for making your airport experience a breeze include:

  • Arrive early to make sure you’ve got plenty of time to make it through the airport, in case it’s particularly busy and you experience delays.
  • Check-in online to avoid hassle at the airport, and so that you know you’ve got a seat number next to others that you’re travelling with. Be sure to print off your boarding pass or have a copy of it on your phone.
  • Pack as light as possible, and try to weigh your case before you travel to avoid heavy bag price charges when you arrive.
  • Have your liquids all ready to go for the easiest and quickest way to go through security.
  • Book lounge access so that you can enjoy food and drinks without having to deal with queuing and scrambling to find a table.

If all this talk of airports has given you the travel bug, why not start planning your next trip? Explore the different options that are available at your departure and arrival airport to make sure you make the most of what’s available to get your holiday off to the best start.