Your next holiday to Europe: stay in the palace from Netflix’s ‘The Empress’

Weissenstein Schloss Bavaria Airbnb castle palace 1

You don’t have to speak German to know how much of a legend Empress Elizabeth of Austria and the show Netflix made about her was. So when the chance to stay in the palace they created the latest show drop comes up on Airbnb, as if you wouldn’t consider a stay, right?

Regardless of if you’re a monarchist, or not, into war history (WWII) or just love a beautiful ceiling, the opportunity to bathe in splendour at Weissenstein Palace is never one to overlook.

Weissenstein palace is the remarkable palace and is now ready to welcome guests to a sumptuous suite, which has been given an imperial makeover that will transport guests back in time to the late 19th century when Empress Elizabeth was at the height of her fame.

Located in Pommersfelden, Bavaria, Weissenstein Palace is steeped in a rich heritage and is widely considered to be one of Germany’s greatest Baroque buildings.

The historical palace features prominently in Netflix’s The Empress, where it serves as Sisi’s principal royal residence. Beginning on Nov 3rd at 4 a.m. AEDT, guests can request to book the exclusive stay, which is just one of many historical homes on Airbnb.

So now, in honour of the show and the fact that Sisi would have celebrated her 185th birthday this year, aspiring emperors and empresses can request to book this exclusive stay for €185 ($287 AUD) beginning Nov 3rd at 4 a.m. AEDT at

Weissenstein Schloss Bavaria Airbnb castle palace entrance