Your guide to the most important fashion dates for 2024

Nynne fashion week

There is no better way to describe the world of high fashion than labeling it as the place where creativity and style collide. For fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals alike, the start of the 2024 fashion calendar can’t come soon enough. 

Whether you are jetting off internationally to indulge in your love of fashion or plan to support and celebrate local talent, curating the perfect wardrobe alongside your essentials, including the perfect pair of sunglasses, the ultimate mini handbag, and your favorite vape juice, will have you fully prepared for the jam-packed 2024 fashion season. 

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Berlin Fashion Week

The Berlin Fashion Week, which will be held in January, marks the beginning of the official Fashion Week calendar for 2024. And because it is not confined to traditional runway shows alone but instead features a variety of different events, including trade fairs, exhibitions, panels, and pop-up shops, it is the perfect way to introduce fashion lovers to the new season. 

This diverse program creates an exciting and immersive environment where industry professionals, enthusiasts, and regular fashion lovers can come together to interact, learn, and celebrate the latest trends and emerging ideas. 

Copenhagen Fashion Week

The Copenhagen Fashion Week, held in January, is an incredibly dynamic and innovative production that showcases the best in cutting-edge style and modern design that has become synonymous with the Danish fashion scene

It has become known for promoting sustainable and minimalist styles, attracting worldwide attention, and leading the way in eco-conscious fashion. Like many prominent fashion weeks, the spring/summer collections are showcased later in the year, during August and September. 

New York Fashion Week

February is considered to be the fall/winter fashion month, and there is no better place to start than New York City. The Big Apple is known for facilitating big ideas and bold fashion trends, and 2024 promises to be no different. 

With a rich history of world-class fashion schools and some of the most exclusive retail stores in the world, it is easy to see why NY Fashion Week is a blockbuster event. The Fashion world returns in September to showcase the spring/summer collections. 

London Fashion Week

London street style perfectly blends vintage, high-end, and high-street fashion with effortless precision. And when London Fashion Week begins, attendees will be treated to avant-garde designs and cutting-edge styles, promised to deliver an unforgettable experience. 

The event is known for celebrating established designers and emerging talents, celebrating diversity and creativity. This mesmerizing fusion of traditional and modern is revisited during September when spring/summer collections come to life. 

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Milan Fashion Week

Milan is the fashion capital of Italy and has built a solid reputation for luxury and sophistication. For many, Milan is where ideas and creations come to life, with many big-name fashion houses calling this city home. 

Those lucky enough to attend runway shows will be treated to garments made with impeccable tailoring and opulent fabrics, redefining elegance every season. The Italian craftsmanship will have you ready to book your return ticket in September to experience the spring/summer collections. 

Paris Fashion Week

Nowhere in the world has perfected haute couture quite like the city of love, Paris. And the much anticipated Paris Fashion Week at the end of February is a playground for the industry elite. As the city is transformed into a fashion hub, expect nothing less than sartorial elegance and masterpieces that feel fit for a museum. 

The unmatched glamour and sophistication that surround this highly anticipated fashion week make it one of the most popular events on the calendar. The only thing better than attending the fall/winter collection showcase is knowing you can return later in the year to view the upcoming spring/summer trends for 2025. 

London Bridal Show

London Bridal Week is a much anticipated annual event that brings together the best in bridal fashion from around the world. This specialized trade show hosts the hottest trends and designs in wedding attire, accessories, vendors, and stylings. Designers present their collections, which range from traditional and classic to contemporary chic and bohemian flair, to name a few. 

It is the ideal place for designers, retailers, industry professionals, and brides-to-be to connect, network, and be inspired for their big day. With its main focus on love and elegant craftsmanship, this event celebrates the best aspects of bridal fashion. 

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Miami Fashion Week

Miami Fashion Week is a vibrant event that combines fashion, art, and culture seamlessly in this iconic party city. Known for its picture-perfect beaches, bustling nightlife, and diverse population, it sets the stage for the best in the business to present their latest collections and celebrate the hottest trends in swimwear, resort wear, and avant-garde fashion. 

With an unmatched electric atmosphere and strong Latin influences, the event embodies a unique style that is bold, edgy, and rich in glamor. For those seeking innovation, inspiration, and creativity from the fashion-forward capital city, this is one event not to miss. 

Amsterdam Fashion Week

Like Berlin and Copenhagen, Amsterdam Fashion Week, held in August and September, is a unique and innovative production highlighting and promoting emerging talents and creative designers in the Dutch and international fashion scene. 

Its primary focus lies in sustainability and avant-garde designs, offering dynamic and exciting perspectives to cutting-edge fashion trends.