Discover The Best Australian Luxury Resorts

Sorrento hotel pool

Australia is packed with some of the world’s most luxurious and beautiful hotels. Australia has it all, whether it be a city center hideaway or a sprawling suite in the Outback. Here are some of the most luxurious resorts to visit Down Under. 

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Ritz-Carlton, Melbourne 

When you hear the words “Ritz-Calrton,” you already know you are about to indulge in one of the best hotel experiences on the planet. This hotel has everything from large bed sizes and super-comfortable mattresses to the delicious food and drinks that will be brought to your door.

This massive hotel screams luxury; from the majestic suites to the views, you will be left wanting for nothing.

The Langham Gold Coast

Found in the popular and gorgeous stretch of land and sea known as the Gold Coast, you will find the equally famous Langham. Towering over the beach and offering uninterrupted views of the ocean, The Langham brings London luxury to Australia. 

With 339 rooms and suites, a spa, and a plethora of dining options, including a unique Cantonese restaurant, you will need help to leave the hotel, and check out. 

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

When it comes to lists about “the best” or “most luxurious” in Australia, you will struggle to find one that doesn’t include the One&Only. Located in New South Wales, it is on a massive nature reserve offering breathtaking views of the surrounding Wolgan Valley.

Boasting 40 one-, two-, or three-bedroom villas, the One&Only prides itself on providing guests with a private, yet ultra-sophisticated experience. Not to mention the range of activities for guests to enjoy as well, such as horseback riding and wildlife spotting. 

Saffire Freycinet

Found on the Great Oyster Bay of Tasmania, Saffire Freycinet will transport you to a world of unforgettable relaxation. It is widely regarded as the most luxurious hotel in Australia, and one step inside will prove all of those opinions right. 

With only 20 luxury suites, this exclusive resort includes a world-famous spa, restaurant, and a range of activities for you to enjoy. Plus, the island of Tasmania is gorgeous, and you can easily get lost exploring everything it offers. 


COMO The Treasury 

The Treasury is a boutique hotel found in Western Australia and is often the go-to for the rich and famous when they want to escape the hustle and bustle of Perth. While it isn’t the biggest, it makes up for it by being focused on personalized service and offering the very best for each and every guest who stays there. 

With a contemporary but simple interior, the hotel aims to provide the ultimate experience without covering up flaws with bells and whistles. There is nothing the hotel doesn’t do perfectly. 

Orpheus Island Lodge

If you want to experience another highly exclusive resort, visit the Orpheus Island Resort. With a maximum of 28 guests across 14 rooms, suites, and villas, the lodge is the country’s best Great Barrier Reef hideaway.

With a hatted restaurant, a massive infinity pool, and a day spa, Orpheus aims to give guests the ultimate getaway experience no matter when they visit. 

MACq 01 Hobart

Back on the island of Tasmania, you can find MACq 01 in Hobart. The hotel has a passion for storytelling through its guided tours and design, which has been influenced by the European settlers in the region and the native First Nations Muwinina people. 

With five different room types to choose from, all offering spectacular views of the water, harbor, and surrounding area, the hotel is the definition of luxury. Plus, it has a bar serving up some of the most delicious local wines you have ever tasted.

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Bamurru Plains

Located in the famed Kakadu National Park, which is filled with countless different plants and animals, Bamurru Plains is a luxury in the Outback. The African-style safari lodge aims to make you feel as close to nature as possible while providing ultra-luxurious amenities and suites. 

Designed for nature lovers, you shouldn’t be surprised if you are awakened by the call of something wild in the night. You can also enjoy guided tours of the area and partake in fantastic airboat journeys, exploring areas you can’t reach by foot.

Mt Lofty House & Sequoia House

Found just outside of Adelaide lies the Mt Lofty House and Sequoia House. Surrounded by four world-class wine regions, these resorts are widely regarded as the two best in South Australia. 

Known for creating an atmosphere of vintage luxury, the rooms are spacious and filled with character; there is a day spa, as well as a three-hatted restaurant that will set your tastebuds on fire. 

Don’t ever be mistaken when someone says Australia isn’t the place to visit if you are looking for an unforgettable luxury experience. These are only a few of the amazing hotels and resorts that take the term “luxury” to a new level, and no matter which one you choose, it is guaranteed to be a vacation of a lifetime.