You can officially spend the night inside The Louvre museum in Paris

Louvre Airbnb 2

If you’re a Night At The Museum fan or fantasised about being ‘trapped’ in a shopping centre after hours, then get ready for the latest news out of AirBnB: a sleepover in Paris’ most famous art gallery and museum, The Louvre.

This once in a lifetime opportunity is truly, well, once in a lifetime. To celebrate 30th anniversary of The Louvre’s iconic glass pyramid (it was built in 1989), AirBnB has teamed up with the museum to give two VERY lucky people the chance to spend a night beneath the Pyramid. It’s for one night only on April 30th and you won’t just have a single room, but several rooms of the business will be turned into your ‘apartment’.

AirBnB Louvre

The living room (with a bar cart!) will be right in front of your girl Mona Lisa. The dining room will be with Venus de Milo where your “personal chef will prepare a colourful menu inspired by love and beauty, in honour of this divine goddess”. You’ll be treated to a guided tour without the crowds by an art-historian and sit back and relax in Napoleon III’s opulent rooms for an acoustic concert. If that still doesn’t make you desperately want to win, you’ll sleep directly under the pyramid in your own smaller glass pyramid so you can watch the stars in the Paris sky as you fall asleep, and be woken up by breakfast in bed!

While you won’t have complete freedom to wander around the museum, it’s a truly VIP experience that in the past only presidents and celebs have enjoyed (looking at you Jay Z and Beyonce). If you do miss out on winning (which will be 99.98% of us), AirBnB are hosting a bunch of other-non-sleepover experiences with The Louvre from May until the end of the year, including concerts and insider tours.

This isn’t the first time AirBnB has outdone themselves with quirky places to kip. In the past they’ve had special stays in Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse, the Abbey Road Studios in London made famous by The Beatles, a shark tank in Paris and even the Great Wall of China (sadly, this one had to be cancelled as UNESCO hadn’t actually approved it).

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