A short guide on how to match your shoes with your outfit

With so many options and types of shoes to choose from, who can blame you for being a little confused while making the right pick? Shoes are magical and it’s true that you can never really have enough of them. The best part is that they always fit even if you eat a lot of desserts! Every shoe has a story to tell but the wrong one can make you look awkward. Here is how you can pair the shows to your outfit seamlessly.

Choose according to the occasion

People often forget about the purpose of shoes and buy them anyway. It is important to wear the right shoes to match the given occasion. For instance, you should wear running shoes when you wish to practice for a marathon or want to go running. The shoes are designed specially to serve their specific purpose. Not being mindful of this will make you feel uncomfortable. Wear formals for work and events like weddings. Casual shoes can be worn on a daily basis and while going out with friends.

Focus on quality

Once you pick the right type of shoes for an occasion, you should consider the quality of shoes you are investing in. it is better to buy quality products at the first go rather than buying multiple shoes throughout the year. Shoes that are cheaper in quality are made from materials such as cardboard and glue which naturally deteriorate with time. Buying expensive shoes which will last for decades is a way smarter choice. Your shoe size doesn’t change with time which means that you don’t have to bother about buying a new pair soon. There are a lot of men’s shoes in Perth that are designed with quality material. Once you have added them to your wardrobe, knowing how to whiten shoes and other useful hacks to keep your shoes in good condition will extend their lifespan and improve their durability.

Proper fit and comfort

Yes, you might like a shoe that looks stunning but does it feel good? Do you feel comfortable while walking in it? Finding the right size is incredibly important. Take the effort to know exactly what size fits you so that you no longer have to settle for ordinary. Going to the local stores and trying out a variety of footwear will actually help you know what your shoe size is. Getting in store staff to measure your feet is also a good way to discover what shoe will fit you best. Be sure to get your width measurements too as these can be important to choosing specific styles.

Which shoes should you pick?

Saddle Shoes: A saddle shoe has leather which is of a different color than that of the rest of the shoe. It is great for casual wear and adds a modern twist.

Boat Shoes: If you are looking for a pair of shoes that you can wear without socks then boat shoes are the best. These shoes are available in a variety of colors and are best suited for the warm weather.

Canvas Shoes: Canvas shoes are ideal for casual wear and you can take them out to places that are clean. They certainly are not preferable during wet weather. Canvas shoes go well with jeans, shorts, and chinos.

Loafer: Loafers are built with leather limitations and have a heavy rubber sole. They are extremely comfortable and you can wear them casually.

Dress Boots: You are sure to find a wide array of dress boots in the market. They are used for making a unique style statement and you can wear them if you wish to stand out from the crowd.

There are also other types of shoes such as the leather laced ones for daily wear, work boots and hiking boots as well as the classic western boots. If you want to take the shoe game up a notch, you can also go for custom made shoes. The shoes will be made as per your requirement and you can choose exactly how it should look.

Thus, matching the shoes with your outfit becomes easy when you know the functionality and purpose of each shoe. Your personal sense of style also plays an important role. Finally, you can narrow down the options based on your budget to buy the perfect shoe for any occasion.

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