Working from home? Here’s how your wardrobe can help

Music woman

When you’re working from home, it can be tempting to stop making an effort with your appearance. You don’t need to please anyone, and it’s important to be comfortable.

While some of us are happy to embrace comfort over style when working from home, putting in a little more effort in with your appearance can actually make you feel more positive. There’s something to be said for attempting normality in these strange, unprecedented times. Plus, we still have plenty of video calls. So, how can your wardrobe help you to get through these strange times?


Ok, some of us might not love the thought of wearing shoes when we’re sitting around at home. But, strangely, putting on a pair of shoes can help to make life seem a little more normal. It’s as if you’ve got up and gone to work. So, invest in a pair of lace up heeled boots or stylish loafers. You’ll practically feel like you’ve gone to the office, and you’ll look great too.


One of the only good things about the pandemic is that we’ve finally had some time to give our skin a break. It’s not good to wear heavy makeup every day. However, wearing some makeup every now and then can make you feel great, and help you to remember normality. Don’t forget to adopt a good skincare routine first – makeup won’t sit right on your face if it’s dry or oily.

Colourful pieces

We all have different attitudes towards the colours we wear. Some of us have a bright and colourful wardrobe all the time, whereas others prefer nude palettes or go all black everything. However, embracing colourful clothes during the pandemic will not only make you look fashionable, but you’ll also feel more positive. Bright, colourful pieces enhance our mood and force us to feel happier.


One of the great things about working from home is that, even if we’re on a video call, only our top half is visible. So, we can look great up top, and stay comfortable down low. The key with this is to pick some stylish, elegant blouses that make you feel like a boss. No one will care that you’re wearing tracksuit bottoms or pyjamas underneath.


If you’re not convinced that wearing shoes will improve your mood, a pair of fun, cosy socks certainly will. Bin the holey pairs you’ve had since you were a teenager and invest in some socks that will brighten your mood. Feet need to be happy too, you know.


Our wardrobes might not be quite as useful as they were before the pandemic. We might only be wearing a fraction of the clothes we own and love. However, keeping your wardrobe clean and organised will help your mood in these trying times. Opening a messy wardrobe can trigger feelings of stress and frustration – not great ways to feel when we’re struggling to stay positive. So, be tidy and steer away from clutter.