Work on your flexibility: working from home the right way


As we all work from home, our employers are learning two things: we can do it and do it more often; and that we all need quality tech to help get us through. Think endless Zoom calls and constant meetings and updates.

So, it’s no surprise that in a recent report by EPOS – sound technology producers – called the ‘Quality Audio: A Sound Investment’ report, over 45% of businesses are citing time savings and 41% are naming cost savings as two of the most important reasons for using video meetings or calls over face-to-face.


So with that in mind, EPOS’ gear is right up there in the long list of options for folks of all kinds of occupations around the country and for good reason.

In a world where business leaders and employees alike acknowledge that virtual collaboration is here to stay for millions of us, we’re embracing remote working as employers are now seeking to address traditional pain points like background noise, interference, and poor audio quality. 

Take for example, the EPOS Adapt 360, equipped with noise-cancelling technology that helps you concentrate in busy open offices and boosts productivity on-the-go, while ensuring nothing but clear business calls with a solution optimised for UC to switch easily between devices as you multitask.

It’s exactly the kind of thing those of us working on long calls remotely could benefit from and our bosses know it’s true. According to the report’s findings, over 95% of those surveyed will be continuing to periodically invest in new audio equipment for individual use with 50% citing they will be doing this every two to three years moving forward – and big employers are leading the way.

But why the likes of EPOS? Take for example the Adapt 360, which – aside from having stunning design qualities – offers a lot more than what you’re used to from a standard over-ear headphone.

The EPOS ethos is to include the best of what we all desire from audio technology for the day-to-day demands we all put out. It helps you concentrate in noisy environments, makes sure you’ve got clear calls with a certified solution, it allows you to switch effortlessly between your favourite devices all with high-quality stereo sound and reliable performance. And then some. See more specs at the EPOS site.

“Younger users do have a greater awareness of communication endpoints. It is a good idea to involve your employees by providing them with the right tools that fit their way of working, acknowledging that everyone has different needs and there will be a different solution them. Getting the right audio equipment for the individual user and task is key to getting better results from your employees. Business leaders need to respond in line with this by harnessing new technologies to empower their workforces today, and importantly, to attract and retain the future talent still to come” comments Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen, President at EPOS.

EPOS is the way.