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Winter Food Festivals in Australia 2019

Australia isn’t only about sunshine and beaches, especially during the winter season when the chill sets in. You don’t need the beach and sun to have fun though, not when there are so many amazing food festivals held during winter. 

Australians certainly know food, so get out and check out some of these delicious festivals when the weather is cooler and the days are shorter.

Winter Food Festivals

Victoria: The Shortest Lunch

Held on the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, Shortest Lunch is short in name only. You can spend the entire day between cellar doors and boutique wineries to eat and taste wine as you walk along. Warm up with the open fires and live music.

Noosa Food and Wine Festival

This is one of the best foodie festivals in Australia, and it’s no wonder considering both the location and the food. You can talk with your favorite celebrity chefs, sink into the sand, and try a few specially crafted beverages too. 

Taste test multiple dishes and listen to live entertainment as you walk around. Take a seat in Noosa Beach House for a larger meal later, or get snacks at Noosa Farmers’ Markets before you visit Noosa National Park.

Hunter Valley Wine and Food Festival

Go to this festival any time in the two months that it’s open to see some of the region’s most diverse wine and food culture. Have some delicious food and drink, or become a chef yourself with some fun and interactive cooking classes. 

If the chef bug hits you, check out the Aldi catalogue when you get home for all the cookware and groceries you need to make your dishes. You might just like to take a seat and relax at the festival though. In that case, grab some wine and cheese platter and relax in front of one of the open fires.

Scenic Rim Eat Local Week

Everyone enjoys local food. Aussies definitely do, which is why the Coles catalogue has been so popular when it comes to finding good food options. You can get some delicious local food without cooking it yourself at the Scenic Rim Eat Local Week event. 

Hike through the mountains to see multiple locations, meet the actual farmers, and try a few carrot dishes while you’re there. You’ll be able to learn the stories behind all the produce that you enjoy, and have a coffee or brew right at Scenic Rim Brewery too.

The Curated Plate

This festival is brand new, with a few enjoyable options to dine in the hinterland, rainforest, or beach. You won’t really be dining there of course, but you’ll have the opportunity to sample vibrant produce from all these places and from the world’s best chefs. Learn more about organic and sustainable practices here to celebrate the relationship between chef and producer.

Hervey Bay Seafood Festival

If seafood is one of your great loves, you’ll want to run to the Hervey Bay Seafood Festival for August 11 only. The fishermen and women who pulled the fish up and brought it to the shore run it, bringing their dishes right from the sea and to your plate. Take part in the Hervey Bay Whale Festival while you’re there to see the whales and enjoy some seafood while you’re at it. For help cooking some seafood on your own, you can check out the Costco Australia catalogue for dishes and cookware. You might just be inspired to get cooking!


Winter isn’t just about cold and shivers in Australia: it’s about food. You can come along during winter to enjoy some delicious food, good company, and live entertainment that you can’t find anywhere else. You may even be inspired to go home and get cooking yourself once you have a taste of these delicious dishes. 

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