Why ‘A Midnight Visit’ is the creepy wonderland you can’t miss

Midnight Visit 3

What do you get when you combine an abandoned warehouse in Sydney’s inner-west, an immersive theatre performance and a choose-your-own-adventure-style walk (or crawl) through a labyrinth of mysterious dreams?

Welcome to A Midnight Visit.

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Part fantasy-dreamscape, part surreal haunted house, part mystical theatre show, this wonderland of interactive performances is set in a world inspired by literary legend Edgar Allen Poe’s gothic works, and holds surprises at every turn.

Guests are led through up to 30+ rooms in the double-storey, 3500m2 warehouse, but curiosity is rewarded here and if you don’t wander, you might miss some of the more surprising delights hidden through its secret passageways and crawl spaces.

Walk through neon forests, crawl out of a graveyard or dive into the neon pink ball pit. You might turn to see a veiled lady in black slinking silently behind you, or find a king solemnly crying in a shadowy corner.

Once you lock eyes with one of the captivating cast members, they’ll never look away, and never break character. But those who do engage with them are sure to be surprised, delighted or amused.

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As co-creator Danielle Harvey puts it; “it’s sometimes funny, sometimes sexy, sometimes wistful, and yes, sometimes a bit scary.”

If the spooky gets the better of you, calm your nerves afterward with a visit to The Ravens Rest, a bespoke pop up bar curated by Studio Neon.

The site is set to be demolished after the performances end, so this will be your only chance to see the show.

Don’t miss A Midnight Visit, open from now until 9 December… if you dare.

For tickets visit A Midnight Visit’s website.

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