Why The 5th of every month is now your favourite day

5th watch

It take a lot of balls to commit to releasing something new, exciting and fresh for your customers on the 5th of every month, but that’s exactly  what accessories label, The 5th, does – and damn well, too.

They’re an online fashion accessories brand that is all about luxury goods with a quantifiable design sensibility at an affordable price.

They are dedicated to connecting and collaborating with creative individuals, and committed to creating limited edition products and collaborations on the 5th of every month. And what they come-up with is seriously nice.

Their watches are minimal, but classic, honing-in on quality craftsmanship and materials as opposed to simply pumping out accessories for the sake of it.

If their entering into the small leather goods marketplace isn’t enough to get excited about – read about that here – then the proof is surely in the pudding with their range of watches, inspired by key little morsels of design-spiration from about the world.

The latest collection, ‘The London Collection’ is about design and sophistication in every situation; and it’s easy to see why.

Sturdy finishings, a quality weight and a fine polish – as well as seamless operation and a more-than-solid build – the London range by The 5th leaves nothing to be desired. And for a collection of five, you know there’s more good to come.

See the full range and get your own from The 5th.