Pizza 400 Gradi

Where to get authentic Neapolitan pizza Melbourne

This year on 9 February, the country celebrates National Pizza Day. So if you need another reason (not likely) to smash a pizza, then get excited, because this one’s sanctioned by the motherland itself. Italy, if you didn’t figure that out.

The award-winning Melbourne restaurant brand 400 Gradi is celebrating the day in full force, pumping out their Italy-approved pizzas for Melburnians.

400 Gradi was the first ever Australian pizza chain to sell traditional Neapolitan pizza, which needs to adhere to the guidelines of the True Neapolitan Pizza Association in order to be allowed to sell it. The brand was recently voted one of the best pizzas in the world in the 50 Top Pizza Award Night in Madrid, where Johnny di Francesco’s popular pizza was ranked 6th in the world.

Guests visiting the restaurant on National Pizza Day will have the opportunity to try this traditional Italian pizza along with a range of other options with high-quality Italian ingredients. 

So, get onto it and make a booking!

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