When you’re next in the French West Indies, visit Hotel Manapany by Francois Champsaur

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Francois Champsaur’s new luxury hotel, Hotel Manapany, hidden away in Saint Barthelemy, French West Indies is the rage at the moment, touting everything you love about luxury travel, right at the tip of South America.

Hotel Manapany deck

After the renovation of the Hotel Vernet in Paris, Francois Chamspaur and Anne Jousse – the President of the hotel and resort group B Signature – have taken it upon themselves to show the world what it means to open the first eco resort on the island of Saint Barthelemy

It’s a ruggedly handsome spot of land north of the South American coastline, the natural beauty of which, really plays to the direction they’ve decided to take the new project.

Hotel Manapany suite

Interior designer Francois Champsaur saw the combination of the immense ocean, the white sandy beach, the coastal vegetation, and the silhouettes of islands in the distance as things to play with the atmosphere of the hotel, in addition to the interior style itself. To put it plainly, he was inspired by the presence of nature, and the natural balance between these elements.

Hotel Manapany beach

The resort is made-up of 43 cottages scattered on the beach and hillside of the island. Blending with the plants and landscape are wooden decks, pergolas, and small windows with shutters which catch the light and create the feeling of being nestled amongst the trees, whilst providing an exceptional view of the sea.

The hotels pathways have been narrowed to blend in with the landscape and the beautiful beach that borders the cottages has regained its wild and lush vegetation. The lobby, bar and restaurant and pool areas all reflect the same aesthetic journey, with bold creations mingling with a sense of a lifestyle which is in harmony with nature.

Hotel Manapany bed

Located on the beach, the Spa and infinity pool welcome the organic products and ecstatic protocols of Dr. Hauschka, a brand with impeccable ethics, perfectly in keeping with spirit of the hotel. There are lemon, orange, banana, avocado, mango, and soursop trees and a vegetable garden, providing quality organic products year-round to be used in the hotel’s restaurant. The independent water supply, solar panels and exclusive use of electric vehicles in the Manapany resorts are also structural priorities.

Hotel Manapany bathroom

The Creole spirit lives strong in the establishment of the hotel, through their sophistication in combinations of raw materials from ethical choices, wood, stone, painted cement and range of modernist colours. ‘

Most of the furniture was designed by Francois, but there are also some handmade pieces sourced from around the world such as sofas and mirrors made of braided rope, benches upholstered with wool and straw lamps from Brazil.

Take a look and wish you were there now…

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