What’s the right way to drink Australian MILO, anyway?


When you think about the fact we drink cow juice, it’s enough to make you gag, so why wouldn’t you want to disguise the taste with something chocolatey, delicious and – as it turns out – completely and divisively contentious?

Aussie MILO, of course.

They took a poll recently and according to its results, turns out that in order to do so as an authentic Australian drinker; you do it cold.

For two months, Australians fought it out, debating whether drinking MILO hot or cold is best, then taking it to a vote.

The debate was settled today, with MILO cold emerging as the Aussie favourite with 65% of votes.

The discussion took the nation by storm, as the equivalent of nearly one in four Australians got involved in 6 million interactions across social media, and ultimately, almost 90,000 people voting, for #MILOTeamCold – 58,199 votes – or #MILOTeamHot, with 31,388 votes.

So, how do you make it like a natural?

Heap a few tablespoons of the good stuff into the bottom of a tall glass.

Fill it with cold milk.

Add more spoonfulls of MILO on the top.

Then, eat it by the spoonful from the top, mix the rest, eat what’s left and guzzle the milk.

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