What should you wear to an autumn wedding in Australia?

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In Australia, autumn starts somewhere around March and lingers on until May. The season is quite lovely, with warm weather and sunny days, but it can also rain a lot in some parts of the continent. In fact, the Northern regions are most likely to be wet, so plan your trip accordingly. 

Now, when it comes to a wedding, summer would be the best time to organize such an event. Still, autumn also works if you’re lucky and get good weather. So, if you’re coming to Australia to a wedding event in the fall, it’s best to be prepared with some clothes for chill weather. 

But how about the main event? What type of outfits are best suited for such an occasion?

Well, Australia is no different from any other countries, so there shouldn’t be anything shockingly different. Moreover, since it’s a wedding, you should orient your choice of garments based on the theme of the wedding and location (countryside or a city). What’s even more interesting, is that you can come without hauling a fancy dress through customs. There are plenty of elegant establishments that will help you find the perfect and most astonishing outfit! Moreover, you can even hire dresses in Sydney or any other major cities (also known as renting the dress). 

So, all’s left now is to decide on the type of outfit you’d want. We took a peek at some of the most recent events and fashion trends and learned that these top three outfits would work best.

#1: Midi Dresses with Accents

The time for floor-length ball gowns seems to have passed and now people enjoy wearing midi dresses that put the focus on various parts of the body like the shoulders or the neckline. In some cases, you can even use an open back dress to captivate everyone’s attention. 

And, if you really want to align with the trends, you should get a design with slightly ballooned sleeves – they seem to be on top nowadays!

#2: Sweet & Elegant

If you’re going to a daytime garden wedding, then you should consider a beautifully laced design, with straps and an open top that will allow your skin to enjoy the autumn sun rays.  Of course, it’s best if it’s a midi dress, with an A-style line and a breathable build. Pair it with some heels and an elegant clutch, and you’ve got an amazing outfit that works for a wide range of events!

#3: A Feminine Wrap Style

The wrap style works with every silhouette and every style, so it’s only natural to recommend such a design for a wedding. Moreover, if you add a few ruffles around a plunging neckline, you’ll definitely steal the dance floor!

In addition, this type of dress is comfortable and easy to accessorise. It also fits both heels and flats, so there’s no chance to miss any of the fun!

Oh and of course when it comes to photos at any stage of the day, or especially if you’ve decided to keep it just for you and elope, then an elopement photographer is a great way to go.

Wrap Up

In the end, a wedding in Australia is not different from other weddings in countries with a similar culture. Still, if you are travelling abroad, don’t miss out on the touristic attractions such as the local food offer or all the amazing sights our amazing country has to offer!