5 tell-tale signs you need to move to a bigger home

Front door house

You might have heard the proverb, “the grass is greener on the other side”. Can something like this apply to your new perfect home too? The idea of moving to another home might have crossed your mind a couple of times, but, you may have brushed it aside and never seriously sat down to think about the perfect time to move out and inhabit a new space.

Depending on your lifestyle, family, and how you accommodate yourself and your stuff inside the house, there might be a need for more space. Have you found yourself looking for Storage Sydney? Is your stuff at home taking too much space that you need to find additional storage space? If the answer is yes, but you are somewhat confused about the moving decisions, the below-given list will provide you with the much-needed nudge to take the leap of faith and move into a bigger and more accommodating home.

Your current house is too small

At first, your house might have seemed spacious enough to accommodate you, along with your belongings, furniture, and family. However, have you recently been sensing that your house is shrinking and looking for storage Brisbane and other spots to keep your stuff?

If you feel that your house walls are closing in and space is getting suffocating, it is a tell-tale sign that you need to move to a bigger house. If you are expanding your family and keeping pets, such as a dog, a cat, and a hamster, then it is time to move houses.

Check underneath your bed –do you see containers and boxes with your belongings stocked up underneath it? Trust us. You have accumulated more possessions and items than you can keep. If your garage is all stocked up with bicycles and other items, it is time to start looking for a more accommodating place to live.

You’re expanding the family

Whenever you feel the need to add more people into your home, you need to check whether your in-house space allows you to do so. For instance, you might be expanding your family by having children. Or, your aging parents might be moving in so that you can be with them when they need you the most.

There is also the possibility that an unexpected paying guest is coming by for a certain period. Whatever the case is, more people in the house require more space, more rooms, more bathrooms, etc. If you plan to have children, you need to provide them with sufficient space to grow up, play, and move around. Family expansion is one of the most common reasons that people move to more spacious homes.

You’ve got an increased income

You might have started on a lower pay package. But, by dint of your persistency, hard work, and determination, you have finally received the much-needed boost in your monthly/annual income. You might have gotten a new job that requires you to relocate. Another potential reason is that your business has grown, allowing you to invest in a bigger house. Whatever the underlying reason is, take your time to assess the situation and consider what you want to change about your current living space. Would you want to move to a new house, or do you reckon you could remodel or reconstruct your current home?

Change of neighbourhood

Another tell-tale sign of relocating and moving into a new home is when you don’t feel safe in your current neighbourhood. If you are too afraid to allow your children to play outside or you cannot walk to the nearby convenience store without the fear of getting mugged, then it is time that you move to a better neighbourhood and a new home. Remember that life is too short to continue living in an unsafe and dangerous neighbourhood, especially when you have a family.

If you have children who are about to get enrolled in school, you might want to check in with your options. You might want to move to a house that is near the community school where your children will go for the upcoming years.

Your quality of life is at stake

Last on our list, we have the tell-tale sign that your quality of life might be at stake in your current living conditions. For instance, you are running an in-house clothing business and need more storage room. Your dog might have given birth to a dozen pups that need to be accommodated. You might have guests over but no guest room. With the ongoing pandemic, many people are forced to work from their homes. If you fall in this category, you might need extra space to set up your workstation, located away from the kid’s and pet’s reach. Whatever the reason is, if you feel that your quality of life is suffering, it is time to relocate to a spacious and more accommodating home.