What pandemic pounds? The future of home gyms is here

Vitruvian fitness

Exercise is single-handedly one of the best things you can do for yourself, with research showing its ability to improve a myriad of physical traits, increase cognitive function and better your mood. With the advent of home equipment such as Resistance Bands or the TRX Suspension trainers, one can create a dynamic workout within our ever-busy work schedules. But a pitfall of these workouts is that often they can get stale for a user classically to them not being challenging enough of lacking variation.

Training Fundamentals

As a sport scientist, successful training should consist of 3 key elements: 1) Progressive Overload through challenging stimuli, 2) Engagement – for a user for continued adherence and 3) Measurement – as quantification is vital for progression and ultimately achieving results. These three elements culminate to facilitate progress and reaching a specified goal hence is an essential consideration when embarking in purposeful training. To make it easier to follow, I’ve also underlined some key points within each category so you can adapt it to your training even if you don’t have the Vitruvian Form.

The Future is Here: Viturivian Form Trainer

There’s a new player on the block the Vitruvian Form or V-Form for short, using an innovative take to home training within a sleek, compact design that can be easily stored and set up in literally minutes. The V-Form Trainer blending precision engineering with the forefront of sports science brings a training medium that was once only accessible to elite athletes into your living room and within the compact size no larger than two adjacent pillows. The V-Form checks the boxes providing Progressive Overload, Engagement & Measurement in your home gym set up.

1) Progressive Overload in Action

The V-Form trainer not only can deliver up to 200kg (450lb) resistance but does so in a dynamic manner, producing a constant force across the range of movement unlike conventional weights i.e. in a dumbbell curl which gets easier once you’re past the “sticking point”. This constant force or challenge requires larger force output resulting in greater muscle engagement. The ability to progressively increase resistance or weights means a user can up the challenge as they get stronger.

Without getting too sciency, we are stronger eccentrically (or the coming down) phase of a movement hence it’s important not to rush this phase but classically move with a slower tempo. For example, it is easier to come down a hill than to climb it as less relative force is required. The V-Form trainer features the ability to increase resistance at the very top of a moment seen in a bicep curl hence higher muscle load during the Eccentric phase of the movement, leading to more significant muscle growth stimuli.

2) Engagement and ‘3’, Measurement

V-Form is not just a piece of equipment but an ecosystem with a paired app that gamified your workouts, allowing you to collect credits after each workout. The app also tracks your progress, remembering your last weights and also provides a training graph highlighting your progress over time. Intelligent technology reads your strength capacity and tendencies, and adjusts accordingly, constantly pushing you towards a harder, stronger and healthier workout – keeping you accountable and training at your best. If you need a motivation pick-me-up, there are also custom workouts like V-Strength, V-Booty, V-Burn, even a guided yoga practice; V-Flow for some functional, active recovery.