What features do today’s home buyers look for?

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What does the modern home buyer look for? This could be an important question to ask if you’re planning to sell your property in the future. By improving your home to include one or two of the features, you could make your home more desirable (and you could even increase the value of your home). Here are just some of the most sought-after features that modern Australian home buyers want.

Swimming pool

Pools remain one of the most desirable features in a home. 20,000 are built nationally every year and they are most popular in suburbs where there are more families with kids. Building a pool can be expensive – the average pool costs $30,000. Pools can add value, but it depends on where you position your pool and how big it is. Ideally, you don’t want to sacrifice too much space in your backyard and you want it to be visible from inside the home (for many parents, this makes keeping an eye on the kids easier, making it less of a safety concern).

Open plan layout

Open plan layouts gained popularity in Australian homes in the 50s and have continued to be sought after features. They provide more space for entertaining and allow a flow of air that can keep the home ventilated. Achieving an open plan layout may involve knocking down interior walls – which is a job best left to professionals. Cut-outs can be a cheaper option that can still help to link rooms and provide that sense of openness.  

Natural light

A home that allows in lots of natural light can also be a big plus for many buyers. There are many ways to allow more natural light into a home. Skylights are one of the most effective options, allowing sunlight to pour through the roof. Glass sliding doors can also help to let light in and are great options for the back of the house.

Solar panels

A lot of today’s buyers also care about energy efficiency. Solar panels can not just help to cut down homeowners’ carbon footprints, but they can also save them money in energy bills. There are many companies out there that can help to install a solar power system. With enough solar energy, you may be able to power your entire home’s electricity without needing to rely on mains electricity. Solar energy can also be converted into electricity for heating, which could save energy bills for some homeowners in the colder months.

Enough storage

Storage space is also a priority for many homebuyers. Many of us want plenty of kitchen cupboard space for storing food and kitchenware. In-built wardrobes in the bedroom meanwhile can also be a sought after feature. Adding such storage solutions often requires having enough space – if you have a small kitchen, you may not be able to add any more kitchen cupboards without extending the room first.

Outdoor living space

Many Australian homebuyers also want outdoor living space. Features like patios and decking can be highly desirable and can be incorporated into most backyards. Having a flow from the inside of the home to the outside of the home can also be an attractive feature. This could involve removing walls to add patio doors.

Extra indoor living space

There’s also a growing desire for more indoor living space. Homeowners often don’t just want one living area, but another separate area whether it’s a granny flat or another converted area of the home. This may require building an extension or converting unused space such as a garage, which can be expensive. Careful budgeting may be required if you hope to also add value with this extra living space.