We’re calling it. This is the drink of the summer: tequila seltzer

While we’re in the dead of the coldest winter Australia has felt in a very long time, our friends in the UK are having the hottest summer on record (our global warming post will be coming later!). One positive is we can take early notes of what everyone is drinking and get excited for what is sure to be a sweltering summer Down Under. What’s in everyone’s esky? Tequila Seltzers!

If you’re not a seltzer lover, we’re sorry to say that they’re here to stay, but they’ve had a sophisticated glow up and tequila is the tipple of choice over vodka or the unknown spirit in most seltzers. Tequila Kings Rey Loco have released two new ready to drink seltzer flavours to get you sorted for every BBQ: Tequila Lime and Soda and Tequila Bloody Orange and Soda. The Rey Loco Tequila Lime and Soda is a perfectly blended and balanced combination of lime and soda, producing a refreshing sparkling, slightly sweet, citrus tequila taste. While many love the traditional tang of lime with tequila. While the Rey Loco Tequila Blood Orange and Soda showcases another delicious citrus combination by blending authentic tequila with fragrant blood orange topped with effervescent soda.

While many tequila premix brands use an agave spirit, Rey Loco is unique in the fact that both drinks are made with 100% real tequila, while also both being 99 calories. By creating Rey Loco using real tequila, Aussies can be sure that they are drinking an authentic premix that tastes and is the real deal.

Please drink responsibly, and always eat food while drinking to ensure safe consumption. If you or a loved one feel they have a problem with alcohol, help is available.