Unlabelled skincare ideal for everyone this June Pride Month

Black woman skincare happy smile

Encouraging young Australians to just be themselves, without the need for any labels, Unlabelled is a social enterprise developed by award-winning skincare professionals for everyone regardless of how you identify this Pride Month of June.

From the men who gave us Lqd skincare many years ago, Unlabelled is the new venture by Anthony McDonough and Chris Glebatsas, passionate about the combination of science and skin, all inspired by their 18-year-old daughter.

The two are developing Unlabelled to celebrate diversity and help tackle youth suicide, donating 100% of its profits to charities that share Unlabelled’s mission to improve the mental health of Australian youth.

Why? Well, every year more than 70,000 young Australians attempt to take their own lives, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made things even worse.

Unlabelled’s focus is on dealing with identity, body image, anti-bullying, depression and LGBTQIA+ issues that can lead to youth suicide, joining leading skincare brands that have engaged openly and firstly with social enterprise.

What’s in the range?

Unlabelled’s range is for everyone and focuses entirely on cleanliness, targeting the daily dirty: body and hands.

With a range of body bars, hand wash and body wash, the brand’s focus on preparing your body and skin to be your real, best self put-forward is high on the agenda. See the whole spread and buy some at the Unlabelled website