Thirst Trap sparks Hydration revolution

Step aside, plastic water bottles! There’s a new player in town, and it’s shaking things up. Thirst Trap, an Australian-born brainchild of H2coco and creative agency Example, is here to quench your thirst for change. This innovative brand is set to revolutionize bottled water buying habits with its 100% locally sourced, aluminium canned spring water.

Why aluminium, you ask? Because it’s infinitely recyclable, making it the perfect alternative to traditional plastic water bottles. Co-founders David Freeman (H2coco) and Andy El-Bayeh (Example) believe that the billion-dollar bottled water industry needs a sustainable makeover to align with the consumer demand for eco-friendly lifestyles.

“Imagine a world where every sip of water you take contributes to a cleaner, healthier planet. That’s the world we’re striving to create,” says Freeman. “We’re challenging outdated ideologies and pushing boundaries with our bold, innovative approach.”

Thirst Trap is more than just a refreshing drink; it’s a movement—a call to action for Australians to think consciously about their daily choices and their impact on our shared environment. The future looks bright, with plans for brand collaborations, non-profit partnerships, and a line expansion already on the horizon.

“We want Thirst Trap to be a lifestyle choice. A choice that reflects not just what you want, but what you stand for,” adds El-Bayeh.

Sourced from the fresh mountain springs of Kinglake, Victoria, Thirst Trap’s water is packaged in a 500ml aluminium can, ensuring purity and a minimal carbon footprint. But they’re not stopping there.

To celebrate its launch, Thirst Trap is inspiring Aussies to join the #ThirstTrapsForGood campaign— a social media movement raising funds for Ocean Crusaders, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to cleaning local waterways. For every thirst trap posted on Instagram with @SlayThirstTrap and #ThirstTrapsForGood, Thirst Trap will donate $1 to the cause.

This cheeky campaign is more than just a nod to its namesake; it’s a chance for Aussies to make a difference. The funds raised will support clean-up operations in Victoria’s Moonee Ponds Creek and New South Wales’ Georges River and Cook River in November.

So, are you ready to say “screw plastic” and embrace a more sustainable hydration option? Thirst Trap 100% Australian Spring Water is now available for purchase at Woolworths stores nationwide and Ampol petrol stations. Grab a pack of 4 x 500ml cans for just $7.50 and join the hydration revolution today. Your choices matter. Make them count.