There’s a new pizza must-go: 400 Gradi opens in Mildura, Victoria

400 Gradi restaurant

Up north from Melbourne by about 6 hours’ drive, there’s a country town called Mildura. Known for fruit orchards, it’s probably pretty low on the list of places you’d expect somewhere like 400 Gradi, the Italian food and drink providore to open. But, prepare to be surprised.

To launch the new 400 Gradi venue, founder Johnny Di Francesco has partnered with co-owner and local resident Michael Sarrou, who previously ran Mildura’s Fasta Pasta for 17 years.

The new 300 capacity restaurant brings 400 Gradi’s famous Italian cuisine,  including its once crowned world’s best Margherita pizza and much-loved favourites, to the region with all the best Italian inspired items you’d expect from a restaurant chain with now 7 locations.

The interiors embrace 400 Gradi’s signature Italian luxe aesthetic with subtle greenery, terrazzo countertops and tables, and plush upholstery. The new space, outfitted by Dean Dyson Architects, includes two dining areas, a bar serving cocktails, and two private function rooms catering for 50 and 70 guests respectively.

For more and to book, head to the 400 Gradi website.