The Ultimate Culinary Experience: Good Food & Wine Show 2024

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The diary of every food and wine connoisseur in the nation is marked with anticipation for the return of the beloved Good Food & Wine Show, now announcing its grand 2024 circuit. Celebrating its 23rd year, this hallmark event continues to be the beating heart of the country’s food and wine culture, inviting over 100,000 enthusiasts annually. With the promise of an even richer array of offerings, the 2024 iteration takes a leap forward, focusing on “affordable luxuries and indulgences” that ensure a spectrum of delightful take-home treats and gourmet ideas suited to every budget.

At the core of the event is the cherished Cooking Main Stage, anticipated to dazzle with a lineup of celebrity chefs unveiling their culinary secrets. It’s a space where inspiration meets entertainment, with visitors poised to leave armed with innovative recipe ideas. The introduction of The Australian Eggs Flip It Cooking Stage sees culinary luminaries like Dani Venn and Jane de Graaff demonstrating elevated, nourishing dishes live. Additionally, a luxuriant tea experience awaits at The Art of Luxury Tea with Dilmah 85 Reserve, while the RIEDEL Drinks Lab and Wine Selectors Tasting Room promise to expand palates with expert-guided wine tastings from diverse Australian terroirs.

Exclusivity takes form in the Singapore Airlines VIP Lounge, offering a premium respite with gourmet menus and select beverages for Business Class ticket holders. The Loire Valley Wine Experience and the fun DrinkWise tasting tracker scratchie card further enrich the event, ensuring immersive wine education and responsible enjoyment. Not to forget, the introduction of two Christmas markets in December broadens the show’s appeal, infusing holiday cheer into the culinary celebration.

Set across Australia’s major cities from Melbourne to Sydney, and concluding with festive markets, the Good Food & Wine Show extends an irresistible invitation to indulge in a smorgasbord of flavours. Tickets are already available for Melbourne and Sydney, inviting early birds to secure their place at the forefront of this epicurean adventure. For more details and ticketing, visit

With each aspect of the show curated to provide shared experiences through the love of good food and wine, the Good Food & Wine Show remains a beacon for those passionate about exploring the depths of culinary arts and viniculture. This year’s expanded offerings promise an unparalleled adventure into taste, making it the quintessential event for anyone eager to revel in the joys of fine dining and winemaking.