The benefits of a good sense of humour


Today, I said to a salesgirl, “OK, Google, do you have cigarettes?” She didn’t get confused but replied, “Nothing was found by your request.” We shared a laugh and it seemed like she could really use one. A good sense of humor is an important asset everyone should have for a long and fruitful life. It may not seem as important as regular medical checkups and healthy food but the general effects it has on our health and social life cannot be overestimated. We can see humor as a tool similar to a True Blue casino login – it has the potential to usher free-living as well as bring down the barricades of stress, boredom, and even depression. However, you have to use it responsibly.

Most individuals would argue that expressing your good sense of humor should depend solely on the existing atmosphere of your current environment. Other people believe that expression of humor should be the atmosphere presiding over the environment wherewith other expressions can flow, of course, asides negatives. Whichever set of beliefs is correct, there is no doubt that humor has its place in several important aspects of our lives, namely:

· Workplace and career;

· Social life;

· Psychological and physiological health.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of having a good sense of humor in each of the above aspects of our lives.

Benefits at work

1. Makes you the best person for the job

Having a good sense of humor at work makes it easy for people to want to work with you. With it, you can instantly make people understand the kind of person you are and this will create a sense of trust between you and your colleagues. It makes you approachable and can help others to be at their best when around you.

2. Takes productivity to the next level

Introducing small doses of humor at the workplace can increase a company’s productivity exponentially. A workplace that is comfortable and conducive will improve the morale of its employees, motivating them to work better. It also creates an environment open to communication and innovation. These will collectively boost the company’s productivity.

3. Creates a unique brand for your company

As the world progresses, we discover that there’s a need to find new methods to solve existing problems. One of the ways to encourage employees to think outside the box is to be in a positive mood which can be achieved by encouraging humor. This will associate your brand with an identity that will be defined by providing new solutions to problems. It can also help to improve employee-customer relationships as nothing creates bridges like a smile and an upbeat attitude.

4. Makes you relatable

Having a sense of humor makes you appear human. It becomes easy to create bonds with people who have a sense of humor as they are likable and fun to be around. This will easily encourage people to be themselves around you and create a conducive environment at work.

5. Helps you become a better leader

A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done”. – Dwight D. Eisenhower.

This quote emphasizes why humor is an essential trait in every leader. The appropriate use of humor will make your employees understand and respect you more. It also signals confidence in oneself and competence. This will greatly influence your employees as they will be able to reach out to you without fear. The result is improved relations at work.

Benefits to your health

Laughter may not cure cancer, but we cannot ignore the many benefits that having a good sense of humor has on our physical and mental well-being. It enables you to enjoy one of mankind’s free gifts: happiness. Studies have shown that laughter has a soothing effect on the body, freeing it from any stress and tension and creating a feeling of calm and tranquility. Laughter causes the body to release a chemical known as endorphins, which is the brain’s equivalent to a massage as it helps to minimize pain and discomfort, giving you the ability to relax and feel happy.

3. Helps you stay sane

Having a good sense of humor is an effective weapon against depression and anxiety. Laughter is a nice way to lighten the heart and rid your mind of negative thoughts. Being able to make other people laugh makes your presence enjoyable. It’s no surprise that people will love to be around you. This will help to create a sense of belonging which is a must-have in combating feelings of depression. Humor can also help to make light of tense situations. Having a good sense of humor encourages divergent thinking and will enable you to view problems from multiple perspectives as well as exploring several solutions.

4. Improves heart functions

Positive humor greatly improves the functioning of your heart. As previously mentioned, it improves the body’s immune response which will safeguard the heart from potential infection. It also enhances vascular function and blood circulation as a hearty laugh will increase oxygenated blood circulation. This in turn reduces your risk of getting a heart attack. Also, it will help to regulate your blood pressure. The effects of cortisol, a hormone released when the body is under stress are neutralized by endorphins, another hormone associated with laughter. This calms the body, easing tension and overall, lowering your blood pressure.

5. Makes you look younger and live longer

Humor and laughter could increase your life’s longevity. The aforementioned effects above will collectively contribute to improving your quality of life. With less stress on your brain and heart, the chances of living longer are much higher. Regular laughter also reduces the chances of having wrinkles. Laughter Yoga is one of the most recommended therapies for facelifts as well as reducing wrinkles. That goes to show that even voluntary laughter can be beneficial to our health. So why not go for that free and readily available medicine that keeps you looking and feeling young?

Benefits in social life

1. Allows you to make friends easily

Having a good sense of humor can help to promote interpersonal relationships. Nobody likes a scrooge. Most people want to talk to someone who understands them and can relate to them. Having a good sense of humor qualifies you to be in this category as you give off the vibe of someone open and fun to be around. Your sense of humor is also an important attribute when dating or seeking sexual partners. It makes you a lot more attractive and remains one of the most sought after qualities in relationships.

2. Helps avoid conflicts

Your sense of humor could also help you to handle tense situations. If you find yourself in a quarrel or argument that is becoming too intense, your ability to handle humor can easily assist you in defusing the crisis. You can also help to break up intense arguments between your peers without taking sides before assisting them in resolving the issue. People who use humor to break such tense conversations maintain more lasting relationships. However, be careful not to use this as a means to avoid vital issues that need to be discussed. Rather, use humor to lighten the mood and ensure all parties involved dialogue with respect and restraint.

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3. Causes others to think you’re smart

People who can detect and understand humor usually have or are perceived to have a high sense of reasoning. This is because they are multifaceted and can see things from different points of view and approach problems with unconventional solutions. Your advanced sense of humor instantly makes you a go-to for your friends who need help with a problem.

4. Gets you little or no counters

There’s hardly going to be a persuasive discussion without counter thoughts or ideas which might lead to arguments or conflicts. Trying to narrow your point down whilst still maintaining good humor is the best way to state your claim without raising counter opinions that’ll lead to unbearable situations. Humor allows for little or no time to be spent on conflict. Instead, time is spent on happier conversations.

You don’t have to be rigid to set a rule that must be obeyed. Humor works at the office too. Don’t be boring when you hang out with friends. Having a good sense of humor has endless benefits in our careers, relationships, and health. While some people are born with it, others have to open their minds to become more humorous. Either way, ensure you inculcate it into your lifestyle.