How to work out at home without equipment

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A workout is crucial for everyone to stay in shape and remain healthy. For proper training, you can join a gym near your place. There you will find both adequate equipment and assistance to get started with your workout plan. The appropriate strategy here will further help you achieve your desired weight and shape without unnecessary trouble. However, there are times when you can’t manage to hit the gym. Then you will need a workout plan for the home that doesn’t involve any extensive equipment. It will be just like playing games on True Blue Casino because it will be fun, and you can do it at your own place.

To help you out with this, we have brought here some no-equipment exercises that you can do at the comfort of your home. So you will be able to remain fit even when you can’t go to the gym. Plus, you won’t need to invest in any expensive equipment. It means both you and your finances will remain in good shape. But firstly you should get to know a few benefits of working out at home. This way, you will see that you aren’t wasting your time. Instead, you are only benefitting from the home workout. 

Advantages of Home Work Out

People think that a workout is only beneficial when you do it under proper guidance in the gym. However, you should know that this isn’t true. You can exercise at home and get just as impressive results as in the gym. Instead, there are some additional benefits that you can gain by working out at home. These include:

Better Focus on Work Out

When you are exercising at home, you need not consider a number of factors like:

? Are your clothes in place?

? How are you looking?

? Whether someone is staring at you or not?

? Is your hair okay?

? Are you sweating excessively?


It means you can entirely focus on your workout rather than these unnecessary troubles. This way, you will be achieving the same results within less time. Plus, your mind will be more relaxed as you feel comfortable at home. The home workout will keep you motivated, as well. This happens majorly because the demotivating factors here get reduced from your schedule.

Work Out According to Your Schedule

A significant benefit of working out at home is that you can fit your exercise routine into your schedule without any hassle. You can even work out at midnight if you get busy with work. This may not be possible with gyms because they have their operational timings. Thus, you have to plan your day around your gym schedules. In case you get stuck somewhere, your workout will get missed for the day. It will reduce one excuse for not working out, i.e., “I don’t have enough time.” With a home workout routine, you can exercise according to your convenience and schedule.

No Commutation Hassle

There may not be any reliable gyms available in your locality. In this case, you will have to opt for a far-away gym and commute to its location on an everyday basis. It creates trouble for you, and your ‘gym budget’ also rises due to travelling charges. However, you can avoid the hassle with a home workout. With that, you won’t have to worry about going anywhere as you can begin your exercise routine just at the comfort of your home. While making working out convenient, it will further cut out the travelling costs.

More Hygienic

Can you visualize the number of people who would have spent hours sweating on the same equipment that you use in the gym? These people leave out germs behind them. If you don’t wish to catch the germs and bacteria, you should take the necessary precautions. While this becomes compulsory, it also increases your trouble of working out. Therefore, it is better to remain at home and work out at a clean and hygienic place. Even when you feel your exercising area is dirty, you can clear it without any hassle and begin with your routine.

Taking Breaks

Almost all gyms have limited equipment. Hence, there is a line of people waiting for you to finish your routine so that they can get a chance to use the machine. In this scenario, you can’t take a break. Otherwise, your equipment will get busy for a long time, and your routine will get halted.

At home, you can work out according to your convenience. If you want a break, you can go for it without worrying about someone else taking your place. In short, your workout area will be entirely yours. So you can keep exercising as per your choice. There won’t be any problem.

No-Equipment Home Workout

Now that you know the benefits of working out at home, let’s see how you can exercise without equipment. This way, you will be able to achieve the desired results without using any machines. Here is a workout routine you can follow for the same.


Proper stretching before an extensive workout helps in warming up your body and making it ready for the exercises. The benefit here is that you need no equipment for stretching. You can simply put your muscles at work here. This can also be called a warm-up because your muscles are supposed to get heated from the stretching. A few exercises to include here are:

? Rope jumping for up to 3 minutes;

? Run until your heart rate gets pumped;

? Bodyweight squats 20 repetitions;

? Side leg swings 10 repetitions for one leg;

? Lunges 5 repetitions for each leg;

? Spider-man steps 10 repetitions.

These steps will produce enough heat in your body for it to continue with the extensive exercise routine. The routine here may seem as simple as reading the Australian online casino reviews. But you need to be careful about how you do it. Otherwise, you will end up creating trouble for yourself.

Forearm Plank

If you want to affect your entire body with just one exercise, a forearm plank is just for you. Here, your forearms should lie on the floor while your whole body remains in the plank position. Remember to keep your spine and legs straight. Else the exercise will do more bad than good for you. You need to hold this position for about 30 seconds to a minute according to your capacity. The duration of plank can be short for starting, and then you can gradually increase it. A plank helps in strengthening your core muscles, so you must include it in your daily routine.


Pushups can be highly beneficial for building strength, especially for your upper body and back. However, it will be challenging for you to get going with this exercise. That is why you need to begin with knee pushups first. It is almost like a regular pushup. The only difference here is that your knees touch the ground and support your body instead of remaining in the air.

Your body from shoulder to knees should remain straight. Plus, your elbows need to be at a 45-degree angle. These pushups are great for beginners. After you get comfortable with that, you can move on to the regular pushups. 

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Donkey Kicks

Straight-leg donkey kicks are extremely helpful for your gluteus maximus that makes up your buttocks. In this, you have to put your hands and knee on the ground first while keeping your back straight. Your body should form a square with the floor. Then you need to kick your lig behind, getting it aligned with your back. Repeat the process until you feel tired. Once you get done with one leg, do the same with the other leg. This exercise will also bring stability to your body.


Crunches are useful for getting a strong core, reducing your tummy, and achieving those toned abs. While you may already know this, do you know that there can be different types of crunches? Yes, some of these include:

? Regular Crunches: Here, you need to lie down straight with your feet on the floor having hip-width distance. Then you have to bend your knees and keep your arms on your chest. Once achieving the position, you should lift your upper body through your back’s strength. Finally, bring back your body to the initial place. Repeat up to a few sets.

? Tabletop Crunches: The process here is almost similar to the previous one. The only change is that you need to keep your legs in a tabletop position instead of knee bending. This is a more advanced crunch exercise. So you should begin with the regular crunch. Once you get familiar with it, you can move to this one.

? Bicycle Crunches: If you want to get a little more extensive with your crunches, you can do this. Here, you have to keep your legs in the tabletop position initially. When you begin with body lifting, you need to move the legs in a bicycle motion. These will provide you with better results.


You can follow up this small workout routine at home without any equipment and hassle. It will keep your core strong, make you fit, and build muscles. However, you can also hit the gym if you find it difficult to concentrate on exercising at home. The ultimate goal is to remain healthy.