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Thailand has changed the entry Schemes: all the ways to get there

Thailand is a fantastic place for Asia lovers. It inspires creators to film movies and develop games like Lucky Thailand on PlayAmo Australia. Moreover, this country is a fantastic choice for travellers. And now it reopens again. 

Since November 1, Thailand has changed the rules of entry to all programs for tourists. All those arriving need to get a QR code instead of an “entry permit” or COE. Also, travelers need to buy insurance with coverage of 50 thousand dollars (previously it was twice as much).

All travelers need to get a PCR test 72 hours before departure. Without it, you won’t get on the plane. Head to for more information.

You are vaccinated and flying from any country to Bangkok, Phuket or Samui

The authorities have reduced the mandatory hotel stay to seven days under the Sandbox program and increased the number of “safe” regions to 17. You can fly to the Sandbox from any country, as long as you are fully vaccinated. At least one dose of vaccination is needed even if you have had COVID-19. Children under 18 years old may fly without vaccination, but parents must be vaccinated.

Before you fly out, you have to pay for SHA+ hotel, PCR tests at the hotel, and insurance. You can get a QR code with all of this. Transfer to the hotel will also have to be booked in advance – travel time from the airport should not be over 5 hours.

At the hotel, you will be asked to download MorChana, with it, you can travel as you wish within your region. After passing the second test on day 6-7, you can travel around the country.

Those coming to Thailand for a few days may take one test on arrival – but then you have to leave the region on a direct international flight, no stopovers are allowed within the country.

You haven’t been vaccinated (or you aren’t flying into the “sandbox”)

Then you have to undergo quarantine (AQ). For fully vaccinated people, it is one week, for those not vaccinated and arriving by air, it’s 10 days. Unvaccinated travelers traveling by land will be sent to two weeks of isolation.

You have to pay for a quarantine hotel before crossing the border; they are more expensive than SHA+, and you have to drive a maximum of two hours to them with a pre-paid shuttle. You have to pay for two tests: one taken on arrival, the other 1-2 days before the expected end of quarantine.

At the airport, they will download a tracking app for you. Until the result of the first test arrives, you may not leave your hotel room. Later you will be able to walk around the property. At the end of the quarantine, you will be a completely free person and can go anywhere.

You are vaccinated and fly from a “safe country”

A Test&Go program is available to you. You must spend at least twenty-one days in the “safe country” before you leave.

Before you leave the “safe country” you will need a certificate of vaccination. Everyone over 12 should be vaccinated. To get the QR code, you have to pay for one PCR test on arrival and one night in any certified hotel – there you will wait for the test results.

At the hotel, you’ll download the MorChana app and wait for the test results. If the test comes back negative, you’re almost free.

You will be given a box with the antigen test when you check out, you have to take it on days 6-7 and upload the result to the app. After that, no one restricts you.

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