Praise bottles and jars now made with 100% recycled Australian plastic

Praise recycling

In a big step forward for sustainable packaging, Praise Mayo and Aioli bottles and jars are now made with 100% recycled Australian plastic. An Australian first in the category, the new packaging will save a whopping 380 tonnes of virgin plastic a year.  Praise has also partnered with Take 3 for the Sea – experts in the sustainability space. The partnership will allow opportunities such as thought leadership, ambassadors, and access to significant sustainability knowledge. 

“We know Aussies really want to be conscious when it comes to their impact on the environment so it’s great to see household names like Praise using 100% recycled plastic in their packaging. We’re glad to be involved in this event that symbolises part of positive change for real sustainability,” said Sarah Beard, CEO of Take 3 for the Sea. 

Mick Anderson, Head of Sustainability at Goodman Fielder said, “Getting to 100% Australian sourced post-consumer recycled plastic is a proud achievement for Praise. We’re delighted that every Aussie can help do their bit for the environment by choosing Praise and helping to support the circular economy. Most importantly, consumers can help their packaging live on simply by recycling it.”

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Praise launched their Plastic Free For The Sea at an event on Sydney Harbour in November 2021.

Keep an eye out for the new 100% recycled bottles starting to hit shelves in a store near you!

You may notice the new bottles have a slightly darker tint, and this is simply because the plastic is recycled. They remain totally food safe and still contain the same delicious Aussie made Praise you know and love!

Do your bit to create a circular economy: 

1) PURCHASE PRAISE & ENJOY: Every time you choose Praise you are helping to reduce more virgin plastic from being created.

2) CLEAN YOUR BOTTLE: Clean bottles are more likely to be successfully recycled than dirty ones, so remember to rinse the bottle before recycling.

3) RECYCLE YOUR BOTTLE & LID: Praise bottles and lids are recyclable! Just screw the cap back on before throwing it in the recycling bin.

Find out more about this great initiative here.