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Sydney Dance Company’s ‘Us 50’ is a celebration of and homage to dance

Dance Us 50

A double bill will take to the Sydney Dance Company’s stage this November; a celebration of all the Company has done over the past 50 years. Entitled Us 50, the double bill, a creative undertaking by artistic director Rafael Bonachela and choreographer Gideon Obarzanek, will celebrate through dance, the last 50 years of the Company’s influence in taking Australian dance to the world. Comprised of past and current dancers to grace the Company’s stage, the work will also feature members of the dance community in Australia. It’ll embed the Sydney Dance Company as a production company for the people and give a little back through the chance to take to the stage with renowned dancing athletes in an intimate, celebratory way. “When we speak about 50 years of a dance company we also speak about 50 years of dance making,” said Gideon. “What is made, however, is ephemeral. The dancer’s body… can be videoed and photographed but dance itself only truly exists when it is danced. So, the history of the company is stored and transmitted through the bodies of its dancers and collected in the memory of its audiences.” Couple with that with the production of Bonachela’s award winning 6 Breaths. Since its 2010 premiere 6 Breaths has toured to New York, London, Barcelona, the Venice Biennale and the prestigious Movimentos Festival in Germany. A symphony of dance, music by Italian composer Ezio Bosso and costume design by Josh Goot, this is an emotive and breathtaking master work. See more at the Sydney Dance Company’s website.