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Why everyone should start investing and where to invest

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Investing money is such a hot topic in 2021 and if ever you were going to try something new, maybe this is it! But, it can be a big, scary thing to embark on by yourself. Read on to get some quality insight from Gerry Incollingo, the MD of LCI Partners who we spoke to for his great insight into investing your hard-earned dollars. Everyone should start investing but knowing where to invest while minimising risk is key to growing your wealth or having a steady passive income. First time investors should be aware that there is some degree of risk with all investments, but by engaging the services of an investment strategist or financial advisor, together you can develop a solid investment plan to success. The key to good investment is education Many people think you need to be rich to invest, but the key to good investments is education.  One of the biggest mistakes new investors make is diving into the investment pool with little to no knowledge and without talking to a financial expert or investment strategist. Knowledge is power. Listen to podcasts, join online forums and read books on investments for beginners so you can feel more confident in your decisions. When you’re ready, connect with a financial advisor to customise a robust investment plan based on your personal circumstances. Methods of investment depend on your budget and long term goals There are a myriad of different ways you can invest your money—shares, bonds, property or even gold—but it all depends on… Read More