Tag: Where to stay in Sydney for Mardi Gras this March

Where to stay in Sydney for Mardi Gras this March

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Before we start, good luck. There are literally movements of people who book years ahead, BUT, it’s worth knowing where the competition’s at in case you’re in the booking mood of planning for the annual Sydney Mardi Gras in 2023. The Pullman Hotel sits at the base of Oxford Street at what in pandemic times, used to be the ‘holding pen’ – for lack of a better term – for all the colours of the rainbow before they’d take to their choreographed marches along the now renowned route. Things are different in 2022 thanks to the pandemic and the parade will be in a loop around the Sydney Cricket Ground, BUT, when it comes to sorting out where to stay, an overnighter at the Pullman might be just what you need for stumbling in super late after it. Or early. The hotel has on offer a Mardi Gras package, offering for $285 accommodation, breakfast and parking. Ideal for those sore-headed Sunday and Monday mornings before the next party. For more, head to the Pullman Hyde Park website.