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Shopping up a storm? Let The Urge do the work for you

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Know what’s nice? It’s that centuries ago, shopping for nice things you want used to be reserved for the privileged and aristocrats. Then they died out, capitalism set in, retail became faster and our desires became stronger, giving us more and more of a reason than ever to basically never stop shopping. And no one’s mad about it. Online retail isn’t a new thing, but it’s how it’s done that’s forever changing and keeping the whole world of spending money without having to move that much more enticing. Just today, for example, I spent $400 on a new pair of sunnies. Didn’t need to, but did. And when there are businesses out there like The Urge that make it that much more possible to do from basically – and literally – ALL over the internet, there’s no reason not to. They’re an Australian retail platform that takes a term like, ‘Rayban’, or ‘Miansai’ and throws it open to the worldwide web, serving you results from every retailer who’s got anything that might tick the boxes of what you’re after. Why? Simple, really. Shoppers on the hunt for a specific fashion item often spend hours bouncing from site to site, scrolling miles with their thumb, trying to find where they can buy it. They’ll have hundreds of tabs open, go back and forth between sites to compare prices, come across sold out stock, and often end up on a store that doesn’t even ship to their country.  The Urge makes it easy. And quick. And simple…. Read More