Tag: The friendlier way to start your day is officially here

Hello toothpaste: the friendlier way to start your day is officially here

Hello toothpaste

What if I told you that you could begin and end every day with a practical, beneficial, refreshing and tasty ritual that’s good for you? You’d probably jump at it. Especially when you find out that as it turns out, you’re already doing it. The ritual is just brushing your teeth. But it’s not the motion that we’re talking about here (though, that’s a big part of it – ask your dentist!); it’s with what that really makes the difference. Say hello to hello, a new path-forger in oral healthcare that’s as friendly as its name would suggest. View this post on Instagram A post shared by hello products (@helloproducts) Founded by a guy named Craig Dubitsky, hello is a new, naturally friendly, personal, pretty packaged and delicious oral care line of products that make religious tooth-brushers want to brush more and ne’er brushers want to brush more. With puns in every cavity of the brand’s experience, they make the daily ritual fun, engaging and tasty, really relying on their naturally inspired flavours and mouth-friendly ingredients – that still tick the boxes of Australia’s TGA – to help begin and end your days the right, friendly way. Oh and when it comes to keep the planet healthy and happy, too, hello is produced from responsibly sourced ingredients and materials, from sustainable bamboo and stevia to boxes made from 100% recycled paper printed with soy-based ink. For more and to try some for yourself, head to the hello website View this post on Instagram A post… Read More