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Glenlivet has a new whisky you probably can’t identify

The Glenvlivet Code #7

Unless your nose and taste buds and entire existence are finely tuned to all things ‘whisky’, then there’s about a 99% chance (probably) that you’ll have no idea what went into the new Glenlivet Code whisky. At 48% ABV, the new bev is all about mystery, being released later this month without tasting notes or cask info. meaning you’ll have to rely on your senses to get to the bottom of this complex new batch. Called ‘The Glenlivet Code’, it’s a limited edition – only 10,000 have been made, 2,000 of which are in Oz – range. It’s been made with a funky new technique the master distiller, Alan Winchester, has never used before. They’re giving it such accolades as ‘innovative’ and ‘unique’, so you know it’s likely pretty good – even if you have no idea what you’re drinking. Though, the good news is for purists, that it’s said to be staying true to the brand’s smooth and fruity tasting notes while presenting an entirely new flavour experience. The whisky is presented in a sleek, opaque black bottle so no secrets are revealed. To coincide with when this baby hits the shelves (at Dan Murphy’s), you’re being challenged to embark on a digital flavour journey, inspired by the iconic British code breakers of Bletchley Park. By scanning a code on the back of the whisky bottle using the Shazam app, participants enter an interactive tasting experience where they are joined and greeted by Winchester. Here, with your glass of whisky in hand, you’ll be able to select… Read More