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London Cocktail Week’s done – but The Sun Tavern is always worth a visit

Sun Tavern cocktails 3

London Cocktail Week takes over the city every year in October, turning it on for the most beloved bars around the city. It’s a slurry, hazy blur of cocktails and spirits, but for those whose persistence for flashy beverages knows no end, it’s the week of the year. And The Sun Tavern in Bethnal Green took it upon itself this year to get amongst it, and you know what? No one was mad. It’s a quaint little corner spot, that for the week, was whipping out £6 cocktails to thirsty locals and visitors, concocted by the minds of one bartender ‘Ross’. They in fact partnered with cocktail bar, Discount Suit Company for their London Cocktail Week House Party series that ran 6-13 October: a series of unmissable bar collaborations with globally renowned and celebrated bars spanning form LA to Barcelona, including World’s 50 Best, Limantour. Couple it with a steady flow of pizzas from Yard Sale and it made for a quality night. Sure, it’s done for 2019, but dropping by for a visit and tipple, just ‘cos you can is always a solid idea. See more at the Sun Tavern website.