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Lindy Lee’s Latest Exhibition: A Deep Dive into Humanity, Nature and the Cosmos

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Sullivan+Strumpf is proud to announce their forthcoming exhibition featuring new works by acclaimed Chinese-Australian artist, Lindy Lee. “Lindy Lee: A tree more ancient than the forest it stands in” will be on display at their Zetland, Sydney premises from Thursday, May 4, until Saturday, May 27, 2023. Known for her contribution to contemporary art in Australia, Lee has gained international recognition over the years with her works increasingly moving into the public domain. She has undertaken numerous large-scale public commissions throughout Australia and internationally that focus on creating spaces of belonging and community. The upcoming exhibition presents an exciting opportunity to experience Lee’s latest creations in a more intimate gallery setting. Lee’s multi-disciplinary practice delves into the connections between humanity, nature, and the cosmos, and her process is one of co-creation with the universe. The artist interprets elemental materials of fire, water, metal, and wood, crafting her works accordingly. Informed by her evolving sense of self, as well as Daoism and Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism philosophies, Lee’s diverse works have garnered international recognition for translating and transmuting deeply personal experiences into the universal. Her works evoke a sense of wonder and intimate connection to existence. “In a career spanning more than 40 years, Lee has exhibited in over 150 exhibitions around Australia and internationally. She has created more than 40 public artworks, including large-scale sculptural commissions,” said a Sullivan+Strumpf spokesperson. The exhibition will showcase Lee’s latest body, including new sculptural forms in steel, bronze, and wood, in addition to works on paper. It’s the perfect opportunity… Read More

At last, Sullivan+Strumpf art gallery opens in Melbourne

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Melbourne’s reputation around the country and the world as the artistic and cultural centre of the Australian continent is hardly debated. So, despite the long waiting time, there’s no surprise that finally, Sydney gallerists behind Sullivan+Strumpf have decided that now’s the time to join the crowd. Further to their hometown of Sydney and second expansion into Singapore, Melbourne will now welcome a gallery in the northeast Collingwood, opening with exhibition by Tony Albert, Remark – a follow up to his sellout 2021 exhibition, Conversations with Margaret Preston. Opening in October 2022, the new 300sqm will showcase works by Sullivan+Strumpf’s impressive stable of leading contemporary Australian and Asia Pacific artists – amongst them Lindy Lee, Polly Borland, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, Tony Albert, Angela Tiatia, Alex Seton, and Darren Sylvester. For more and to plan a visit, head to the Sullivan+Strumpf website

Get your art fix: the work of Yang Yongliang at Sullivan + Strumpf Sydney

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Born in Shanghai in 1980, at the dawn of China’s open door economic policies, Yang Yongliang has, throughout his lifetime, witnessed the relentless transformation of his surroundings. Now an artist who channels traumatic erasure of his personal history. Decades ago, his own birthplace, an ancient water town with traditional houses, a famous pagoda, and old humpbacked stone bridges over quiet canals, was swallowed by the ever-expanding Shanghai suburbs. So much so that when he returned from university, almost everything he remembered had vanished. On and on, an unceasing expansion, bulldozers tearing up and destroying the landscape, ancient villages replaced by endless rows of high-rise apartment blocks lining eight lane highways. Very movingly, his work’s as if he is constantly revisiting the moment of shock, returning home to find no trace of the familiar. At once fascinated and appalled by this transformation, his work is a lament for all that has been lost, and a warning for the future. And now you can see it digitally courtesy of Sydney’s Sullivan + Strumpf gallery in Zetland

Am I art? I don’t know: see inside the latest works by Queensland artist Michael Zavros

Sydney art gallery, Sullivan+Strumpf in Zetland have partnered with Michael Zavros to present something truly unique. A  Guy Like Me is the latest body of work by Zavros, opening Thursday 15 October until 14 November.  Best known for his beautifully realised award-winning paintings, this upcoming exhibition marks a detour into new and exciting territory, in which Michael introduces us to his avatar: a plastic mannequin modelled on himself but better –  6 foot 3, broader, more cut, a bit younger and a whole lot smoother.  This fascinating creature, which Zavros refers to as “Dad” may also be a better human being, as the artist ponders the improvements that are possible in constructing art to imitate (and enhance) his very life itself.   Captured in a series of sumptuously styled large-scale magazine-style photographs, Dad is perfectly at home stepping into Michael’s designer shoes. Head to the Sullivan+Strumpf website for more.