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Buckingham Palace’s State Rooms are open this July – October 2022: get tickets now

White drawing room in Buckingham Palace

In the 70th year of Her Majesty’s reign, if ever there was a time to throw some money at the Royal Collection and celebrate the longest-running reign of any British Monarch ever, it’s now. And though most of the Palace isn’t accessible to the public – because it’s the HQ of the Monarchy and residence of Her Majesty herself – amongst other reasons, the opportunity to visit the sumptuous State Rooms in Buckingham Palace is returned after its Covid hiatus. It’s quite an experience – which you can read more about here – taking a trip back in time through the halls and rooms, frequented by countless Monarchs, world leaders and special visitors to the Queen. With such standouts as the gigantic malachite urn presented to Queen Victoria by Tsar Nicholas I in 1839 – renowned as one of the largest examples outside Russia – and architectural marvel you don’t see every day, the State Rooms are must-see stops in the Palace for British and visitors alike. The year 2022 is an especially standout year for the Palace, for obvious reasons and so, the public exhibition will take a particularly close look at the special display Platinum Jubilee: The Queen’s Accession looking at The Queen’s Accession to the throne in February 1952. On display will be examples from the remarkable series of portraits taken by Dorothy Wilding, that formed the basis of The Queen’s image on stamps and in British embassies across the world until 1971. Also featured will be The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara, which… Read More