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Skin needling is the most effective thing you can do to your face

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Skin needling terrifies most people. But the thing is, if you can handle Fraxel laser treatments, phototherapy or even something as innocent as waxing, you’re probably made of tough stuff that means a simple needle session wouldn’t feel like a thing. At Laser Clinics Australia, they’ve got the whole process down-packed. It’s as simple as making a booking and the whole process taking you through from beginning-to-end at the hands of a professional who has inevitably had needling done themselves, and the verdict? It’s the best thing ever. Skin needling is great because – though at a large enough price tag – you only need to commit once and wait about 14 days before you start to see the results. There are few other options out there when it comes to beauty treatments that yield that kind of turnaround time or result. Enlarged pores, blemishes, acne scarring, fine lines, whatever; it erases the problem and makes it seem like it never existed. Basically, the procedure has done away with those horrid-looking needle rollers the technician used to drag along your mug, and instead, involves a little device that looks just like a pen, called the Wireless Tri-M Pen by Skinstitut, the main supplier of Laser Clinics Australia. It’s good.   View this post on Instagram   Weapon of choice ???? Everyone freaks out about skin needling, but it’s so not bad? Laser Clinics Australia has a good deal for first timers, check ’em out online @laserclinics #skinneedling #skincare #laserclinics #skinstitut A post shared by T H… Read More