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Cold coffee for a hot summer: Seven Miles Coffee Roasters do it right

Cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee isn’t a new thing; but doing it right is. Seven Miles Coffee Roasters are pretty top notch when it comes to their brews, to the point where they’ve even managed to craft their own cold brew for the warmer months. Based in Manly NSW, they know a temperature-or-two, so the art of perfecting a refreshing cold drip – as opposed to your regular latte – is an acquired thing. The cold brew summer blend has the capacity to satisfy Aussies’ seasonal tastes – some of the highest standards in the world if you’ve ever tried they shit they call ‘coffee’ in the UK – with new blend is set to meet the ever-increasing demand for cold brew. Expertly roasted, blended and ground by the squad at Seven Miles, this new creation takes the guesswork out of cold brewing to give seasoned professionals and at-home baristas a helping hand, ensuring maximum flavour every time. Here’s the goods. And here’s how to make it.