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Drinking from the Wave Glass means you never need to use straws again

Australia is SO anti-plastic, we’ve all heard by now the shocking reality that every piece of plastic that’s ever been created for us, or used by you, still exists somewhere on Earth. Shocking. Which is why people are making a proactive change in the level of consumption in Australia and to a lesser extent, the world. Enter the Wave Glass, the new invention that’s doing away with one of the needs for straws in drinks that is sure to cut down their use by quite a lot. NOTE: Australians use 10 MILLION plastic straws PER DAY, so any dent in that is a win. The new Wave Glass is a custom made, hand blown piece of glassware that has to compartments for your drinking ease. You’ve still got to crank your neck backwards to down the glasses’ contents, but it’s a darn sight better than smashing through 15 straws over 15 drinks on a Saturday night out with the girls. It took six months to create and develop and now, the patented Dual-Chamber Technology successfully holds liquid mixed with crushed ice and garnish (or whatever features in your preferred drink), while the other vessel acts as the drinking chamber, allowing only the chilled liquid from the bottom of the vessel to be enjoyed. This all means it’s drinkable without ruining lippy, make-up, or making it look like you’re sucking on anything as you go. Trend leader and Bar of the Year*, This Must Be The Place in Sydney, will be the first bar to stock Wave Glass this… Read More