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How to choose artwork for your home

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One of the most important decisions you’ll make when styling your home is what kind of artwork to feature on your walls. While cushions, sofa colours and knick-knacks add great accents to a room, it’s the artwork on your walls that will often make a statement or set the tone for your environment. So how do you pick a piece of art that you love, is a perfect fit for your style – and is also a great investment? Choose something that you love The most important factor in your decision-making is that you have to love the piece – after all, you’re going to live with it every day! While this might not be the only factor in your choice, it should be a cornerstone. You might be drawn to piece because of the colours, or the subject matter – or simply because it connects with you emotionally in a way you can’t explain. If that’s the case, this is a great start. If you look at art and don’t feel any particular connection, I suggest taking the time to look at more art – even if it’s just online. One will eventually speak to you. Don’t just buy a piece because you think it’s a good investment. Sure, that can be a factor but point 1 is way more important. Just think of the poor guy who spent $2.5 million on a Brett Whiteley painting – only to discover later that it was a fake and is now effectively worthless. If you truly love… Read More