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Top tips to boost energy according to pharmacist and herbalist Gerald Quigley


In the nutrition world, there has been a growing discussion and movement towards ‘plant forward’ or ‘plant-based’ diets—including the many environmental and health benefits involved in ramping up your veggie intake. With only 4% of Australians who eat their recommended amount of vegetables each day[i] (5-6 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit [ii]), it’s no wonder such conversations are taking place. This National Nutrition Week 2019—Nutrition Australia has made it their mission to encourage healthy eating by educating consumers on how to try for five servings of vegetables each day. This includes learning about food waste management and breaking stereotypical vegetable consumption habits[iii]. Here to explain how we can all get more out of our vegies is Gerald Quigley—who is a Leading Pharmacist and Community Herbalist. Gerald is well known for his unique view of health from a holistic perspective, and is passionate about promoting healthy eating that starts at home and can extend to additional energy boosting ingredients through supplementation.   1 Embrace ‘ugly’ vegetables It is estimated that 20 to 30 percent of fresh fruit and vegetables in Australia are deemed as ‘waste’ before it even leaves the farm due to imperfections[iv].  If you’d like to save money – and the planet – investigate some of many options now available to purchase ‘ugly’ or ‘discarded’ fruit and veg. Grocery stores, online food delivery companies, and even people growing their own vegetables are embracing ugly vegetables, since they are equally as nutritious, more economical and better for the environment[v]. 2. When vegies start to… Read More