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Patrón is shouting Sydney-siders 10,000 caviar bumps with their next tequila cocktail

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If you thought tequila was tasty enough, try elevating it with a bump of caviar. Yes, you read that right! To celebrate the fast approach of summer and the launch of the world’s first quadruple-distilled prestige tequila PATRÓN EL CIELO, Patrón has teamed up with some of Sydney’s coolest Mexican bars and restaurants to give away 10,000 luxe Umai Heritage caviar bumps with every PATRÓN EL CIELO cocktail from a limited-edition menu. Naturally we had to sample this from our favourite tequila-joint, Taqiza (who have a new home in Bondi that is even prettier than the first on!). Trying the PATRÓN EL CIELO on the rocks was a heady, smooth and sweet experience, that was only heightened by the saltiness of the caviar. The perfect pairing nobody knows about, but now we can’t stop thinking of. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Milpa Collective (@milpa.collective) If straight tequila isn’t your jam (no matter how smooth), there are also two delicious PATRÓN EL CIELO cocktails on the menu: If you want to live the luxe life and experience the new release from Patrón with some caviar, you can do so for a limited time from the following Milpa Collective Mexican venues: