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Most popular mooring destinations in Victoria

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Victoria is home to many treasures, and the centre of recreation in Australia. If you are a boat-enthusiast, then it is no different. Grab your schedule and start planning for a boating retreat in Victoria, complete with some of the best views and waters that you may ever come across. Here is a round up of the most popular mooring destinations in Victoria. Western Port (Mornington Peninsula) The Western Port Marina is a hard destination to forget. Located in the iconic Mornington Peninsula, it is a site visited by local and international visitors alike. Add this destination to your visit list if you are looking for a plethora or tourist fun, as well as ample boat mooring in Mornington Peninsula. The Peninsula is built around the beautiful waters, and not surprisingly it has become a popular wedding destination with venues and real estate boasting some of the best views in Victoria. Port Melbourne You won’t get closer to the action than with Port Melbourne. Port Melbourne has four key moorings within a closeby radius of each other. This will suit the boat goers who want to hit the water, but also soak up the delights of dining and cultural experiences within Melbourne. The mooring destinations are Melbourne Trailable Yacht Club, NewQuay Marina, Docklands Yacht Club and Marina E. They each offer a range of premium floating berths, in addition to water, electricity and equipment services. Sorrento Sorrento has huge appeal to visitors who are looking for nautical sports, right through to those who are seeking… Read More