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Mercury Retrograde: what it is and why your crystals matter

Ashley Bellino Stoned Crystals

With Mercury’s next retrograde coming up on 10 May 2022, there’s a lot to know about the planets, stars and what it all means for you, your life and how things will go over that period. We spoke to Ashley Bellino, founder of Stoned Crystals about it all and what it looks like. Join us to discover more… What does ‘Mercury Retrograde’ even mean? The planet Mercury goes into retrograde three to four times each year. During this time, it is commonly mis-perceived that Mercury is moving backwards. However, it’s just moving slower than Earth, causing the illusion that it’s moving in retrograde. In Astrology, Mercury represents the messenger. It rules all things communication, intelligence, knowledge and is rational and practical. Therefore, when Mercury is perceived to be going backwards, it can cause breakdowns in communication, technology, travel and planning. During this time, when the structures within our lives go a bit wonky, it is a great time to look within and re-evaluate in order to build stronger and more congruent foundations within our lives. A Mercury retrograde is not a time to start new things, but is rather a time to tie up loose ends, re-evaluate and finish projects. Mercury Retrograde v. Modern Lifestyles With the rise of technology, we are constantly bombarded by screens and devices; all day, every day. Because we spend such a large portion of our lives at work, we often forget to give our bodies (or more specifically, our brain) a break. Our workspaces and now even our homes… Read More