Mercury Retrograde: what it is and why your crystals matter

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With Mercury’s next retrograde coming up on 10 May 2022, there’s a lot to know about the planets, stars and what it all means for you, your life and how things will go over that period.

We spoke to Ashley Bellino, founder of Stoned Crystals about it all and what it looks like. Join us to discover more…

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What does ‘Mercury Retrograde’ even mean?

The planet Mercury goes into retrograde three to four times each year. During this time, it is commonly mis-perceived that Mercury is moving backwards. However, it’s just moving slower than Earth, causing the illusion that it’s moving in retrograde.

In Astrology, Mercury represents the messenger. It rules all things communication, intelligence, knowledge and is rational and practical. Therefore, when Mercury is perceived to be going backwards, it can cause breakdowns in communication, technology, travel and planning.

During this time, when the structures within our lives go a bit wonky, it is a great time to look within and re-evaluate in order to build stronger and more congruent foundations within our lives. A Mercury retrograde is not a time to start new things, but is rather a time to tie up loose ends, re-evaluate and finish projects.

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Mercury Retrograde v. Modern Lifestyles

With the rise of technology, we are constantly bombarded by screens and devices; all day, every day. Because we spend such a large portion of our lives at work, we often forget to give our bodies (or more specifically, our brain) a break. Our workspaces and now even our homes are becoming increasingly overcome by computers, devices and technology. Electromagnetic stress is the result of being constantly exposed to technology and electricity that ends up making us feel constantly ‘wired’ making it very difficult to wind down at night and switch off. 

At an atomic level, our universe is in a constant state of vibration. Crystals are extremely good at holding a stable vibration due to their crystalline lattice structure. We, on the other hand, are a very complex mix of vibrations that can easily be disturbed, become unbalanced which makes us sick and unwell. All kinds of things can affect our vibration, from external influences such as electromagnetic and geopathic stress, to internal ones such as constant negative thought patterns and suppressing emotions.  

Crystals, especially shaped crystals, not only look beautiful when styled in the workplace but also offer us a natural and tactile distraction to negate stress and improve results. Crystals can be used to boost wellbeing in the office in the same way we use plants and add windows to bring a natural component to a static environment.

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The Mercury Retrograde Crystal Survival Kit.

Here are our top 6 crystals to help you move through the Mercury retrograde period by staying grounded, with integrity, trust and flexibility.

Black Tourmaline – assists in letting go of fear and anxiety. It works with the Root Chakra, grounding you into the energy of the Earth.

Fluorite – encourages peace and harmony. Fluorite is a wonderful crystal for stress relief and helping to ease anxiety. It has the ability to neutralise negative energy and bring harmony and balance.

Hematite – invokes grounding and protection, and allows for centering and confidence.

Aquamarine – inviting inner strength and self-awareness, Aquamarine is a great crystal to arm yourself with if you need to have difficult conversations.

Turquoise Calcite – If Mercury Retrograde has you feeling afraid to communicate, Turquoise Calcite can help you summon the courage to express yourself and speak your truth without fear. 

We also couldn’t go without mentioning Selenite, for clearing your aura and inviting positive energy in. Selenite can help you to be adaptable and free to move in any direction.

A guide for crystals during the Mercury Retrograde period.

Crystals emit steady vibrations that help to create Balance within oneself and Zen into the spaces around us. It is for this reason that for thousands of years crystals have been used for their powerful healing properties. Each crystal comes with a different set of healing properties relevant to its crystalline structure. 

Having a favourite crystal on hand to deflect unwanted energy is a great way to manage stress, quieten the mind and allow yourself a moment to re-focus. Here are some tips for incorporating crystals into your home and work spaces:

Use crystals as paperweights and bookends. 

Use carved stone or crystal platters and bowls to store stationery or tidbits in.

Place crystals on the soil of potted plants or terrariums.

Have a favourite crystal as a ‘worry stone’. Dealing with stress is important so that it doesn’t affect our physical, spiritual, and emotional selves. Every time you look at your crystal, it will remind you to be mindful and conscious of your thoughts and actions.

Setting Intentions during Mercury Retrograde.

When the perceived effects of Mercury Retrograde are in full swing, it’s important to allow

yourself time to be in the moment and practice mindfulness.

Intention is a big part of how crystals help ‘heal’. They don’t provide a cure by any means, but they’re a tangible and physical object that reminds us of our own strength and worth. 

Our recommendation is to consider what energy you feel you need to invite, and choose a particular crystal/s to pair with an intention. Using the Stoned Crystals Intention Deck helps to discover what intention you can choose to manifest into this world. 

Try using some of these intentions or affirmations during any difficult periods of Mercury Retrograde:

? I will go with the flow and be open to any shifting tides.

? I allow myself to let any wounds heal and let stagnant energy go.

? Today I will look for the good in all things.

? In the midst of any chaos, I will allow myself a moment to re-focus