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The worst health mistakes men tend to make

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Society has forced men to believe they have to be tough all the time. They can’t be hurt, they can’t be sick, and they must bring home the bacon. While you might think this would make men take better care of themselves, the opposite is often true. As a result of society’s expectations, and in a bid to project toughness, many men end up making mistakes with their health that could prove to be extremely harmful to them in the future. They ignore signs of illness, bottle up their feelings, and much worse. To live a healthy life, here are seven health mistake you must avoid.  Source 1. Bottling up bad feelings Although there will always be exceptions, on the whole, men are much less likely to speak about their feelings than women. They tend not to express emotion and don’t ask for help or support when they need it. It’s probably because of this than men are much less likely to be diagnosed with depression, but are more likely to commit suicide. Bottling up bad feelings won’t make them go away. Instead, it will make them worse, which is why it’s important that you talk about them.  2. Drinking alcohol in excess Binge drinking is a habit that is much more common among men. While it might not seem too big a problem, alcohol can affect your long-term health, as well as your immediate safety. There are consistently higher numbers of alcohol-related hospitalisations and deaths in men than in women. To avoid being in… Read More