BM Cosmetics for Men

It’s so uncommon in my life, I had to ask my sister what to do with it all. BB cream, mineral foundation, concealer, bronzer, bronzing lotion and mascara make for the gayest-sounding men’s bathroom cupboard you’ve ever seen until you scratch the surface and find out a little more about the people who bring it […]

The Eye öf Hörus

I don’t do drag. Never have and most likely never will. It’s not my thing. And as much as a stunningly beautiful woman I contend I’d make, I don’t think crossing that line in the sand between masculinity and transexuality is quite for me. However… I was recently made privy to a unique product in the […]

Get ready to soil yourself

Styling dirt – and making it look good – is no easy task, let alone adding some makeup, vintage designer pieces and a whole lot of hairspray. However, budding young Melbourne stylist Iyan Difuntorum makes what many of us wouldn’t tackle, look not only easy, but desirable in what proves to be – for him – just another […]


While what I know about makeup and its application is limited, I know that it’s a combination of two key aspects that either make your face glow and attract attention, or dim and turn people away, giving that albeit dreaded ‘I’ve just come down with a bout of tonsillitis’ look. Not good. Aspect one is […]