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Best new kitchen ideas this summer

Kitchen made of wood

If you’re looking for some kitchen inspiration, here are two ideas… Red Kitchen Worktops – Looking For The Wow Factor? A red kitchen worktop is something you should consider if you want to have a bold and striking kitchen. More often than not, our kitchens are conservative in style. This is a room whereby we tend to stick to neutral colours and classic designs. However, it seems we are getting more experimental with our approach to decorating our kitchens or building kitchens when working with home builders, and more and more people are looking for fun colours and bold designs. Red worktops are ideal for those who want to add the wow factor to their kitchen. There are two ways for you to incorporate red effectively. You could go for a retro style kitchen or you could go for something modern and minimalistic with one pop of colour. If you go for the latter solution, your worktops are going to be the main attraction and the focal part of the room, and you will need to keep the rest simple and clean. Red is also a colour that is associated with passion, and thus if you are passionate about cooking, this is definitely a colour that is going to get you fired up and feeling enthusiastic. Red is a colour that motivates people to take action, which is perfect for a room that you are most likely to be doing something in. Red is also known to increase cravings for food. If you have a… Read More