3 coffee cocktail recipes for International Coffee Day

Kirsten Tibballs coffee

Australia’s coffee culture is literally like nowhere else in the world. And it can’t be beaten. So, when people who know the best of coffee mixed with the best of alcohol tell you how to expertly mix the two, you know you need to pay attention. Here are three awesome cocktail ideas to celebrate International […]

Kirsten Tibballs shares cold brew inspired recipes for International Coffee Day

Kirsten Tibballs coffee

Tomorrow is International Coffee Day (1 October) and JURA Australia has collaborated with Kirsten Tibballs, guest MasterChef judge and queen of desserts, to share cold brew inspired recipes using the recently launched JURA Z10 coffee machine.  The Z10 is the world’s first hot and cold brew fully automated coffee machine and this year’s celebrations are […]

Where to celebrate International Coffee Day in Melbourne

Tipico coffee

Melbourne loves coffee and Melburnians can’t get enough. So, if you fit the bill, you’ll freak when you learn that on 1 October, it’s International Coffee Day. Here’s where to celebrate in Melbourne… Palermo 401 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000 Dulce de leche tiramisu, $16 La Cumparsita, $19 Celebrate International Coffee Day the Argentinian […]